Thursday, October 13, 2005

Busy Times Ahead

I am getting a little swamped at the moment… my social calendar is extremely busy at the moment with so many things happening…

Friday night, we’re going out to dinner with the most of the parents from Kate’s classmates.  Apparently the restaurant has been booked for 20!  These things are always a little difficult as the mums tend to know each other quiet well and are familiar with each other whereas the dads only know a few faces of the mums and wouldn’t have a clue what other dads names or what they do for a job etc etc.  So you get this mix of familiar conversation with the occasional “So <insert name>… what do you do for a living?”  I always hate that as my job is not easily explained…

Then Sunday, I am off to the cricket at the SCG after my mate Noyz scrambled me a ticket.  Day 3 is generally the best day to go to cricket Tests as generally you will see plenty of wickets as the pitch deteriorates and generally the end of one and the start of another innings.  Plus the attraction of seeing so many star players is a bonus – but whether they show some form is another thing.

Next week I am double booked on Friday night with a work function and my mate Gools’ farewell dinner as he heads off to sunny QLD for work.  I have to attend the work function, which is also a dinner, but I will catch up with the party afterwards.  I am a) extremely annoyed at the double booking and b) pissed at myself because both have been in my diary for weeks and I have only just realised it!

Then we have Niki’s birthday coming up and she wants to go and see Missy Higgins at Centennial Park in the city.  I think that’s on the 28th, but I’m not sure…

Add all the other stuff that I typically do like Saturday and the fact that I am supposed to start SWL Season 12 this weekend as well…  Speaking of Blood Bowl, I am into the third round of the Fumbbl Cup.  I won my first two matches fairly convincingly against 2 Germans but now I am up against a Swedish guy who looks like a good player (a coach rating in the 170’s is impressive) and has a better team than me (his Chaos Dwarves – Mandinka Tribe).  I am trying to get that match done this week as well.  If I win this, I will make the Fumbbl Cup Finals which is a 32 team knockout, which will be a first for me and will be a fair achievement given that I am playing a Rotters team that many coaches class as a sub-par race…  To give me an edge though, I did freeboot a goblin with a chainsaw (hehe)… so if he can do some carnage, I may be a shot.

Also, I am still painting my Dwarf team and plan on trying to get to the now regular WSGS Blood Bowl days at Quakers Hill (see AusBowl for more details) to use them prior to CanCon in January.

In other things, we got Kate’s first school photos yesterday.  I have to say I am very happy with the shots and also the way the photography place set them out.  Firstly, the many sized individual portrait is on one A4 page.  Half is a large shot, then there are 4 or so medium ones and then there are I think 6 passport size shots.  This means you can scan the one page and instantly double the number of photos you have.  Then you slice them up and distribute them to relatives…  On top of this, the class photo is very good with Kate looking nice (you know how sometimes a kid has a funny look or their eyes closed – well that’s not the case! Phew!) and they also have a shot of Kate’s classroom building on the front of the folder.  That’s a nice touch and her room is one of the original brick buildings of the school and is fairly historic… so its not a cheesy demountable building.  Thumbs up from me!




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