Thursday, October 30, 2008

*CENSORED* - Contains traces of rude bits

Thought Australia was a free country?  Think again as the Federal Government plans on censoring Australia's internet.

This would put Australia on a par with countries such as "Axis of Evil" countries Iran and North Korea... countries who we apparently keep trying to plan to liberate for democracy (read, invade for oil).  And when Christian nut jobs like the Family First Party who have big ideas in the Senate get wind of the idea they want to ban all pornography and gambling.  Who the fuck do these people think they are when they can try and subject the Australian populace to their narrow minded views.

But its not just internet censorship.  We seem to be continuously putting our politicians in charge to "keep us from the boogey man" and to do EVERYTHING for us.  If you dont like pornography don't watch it.  If you have kids and worry about online predators, supervise them.  If you don't like issues like Euthanasia, then don't get involved.  If you don't like banal YouTube videos, dont view them.  Its simple, we're adults and we're capable of doing what is right and wrong and for those who do wrong, then there is a judicial system.  Stop trying to tell me what I can and cannot view, read or experience.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Don't Forget To Tip!

Where is the world going to?  Dispute the quality of service and become angry with a restaurant staff member and get served by the manager a complimentary gelato however the chocolate is shit... literally

Seriously, is that what the world has come down to... I cannot believe that a restaurant or bar manager or staff within the back of house would have the audacity to drop a steamer into someone's food.  Is it the first time that it has happened at that venue (The Coogee Bay Hotel, Sydney) or was it something that the staff regularly did as a bit of a "get square" with rude customers.

The thing is comical if it wasnt that disgusting... and I am worried, because I actually prefer chocolate ice cream!  I may have to change to vanilla... and don't get me started on Cookies & Cream!!!


Friday, October 24, 2008

Niki's Birthday

This weekend (tomorrow to be precise) is Niki's birthday... so I will be busy with various lunches and dinners with the family starting in about an hours time when the four of us are going to a local pizza place.  Then its dinner tomorrow night in town and then lunch with my parents on Sunday and dinner with Niki's family on Sunday.  *burp*

Given we already gave the new dog as a present for Niki, I am just debating as to whether to put the dog in a box and wrap her up... how many air holes will a labradoodle need per cubic centimetre of box?  Its these questions that have me puzzled at the moment, I think I need to find something to occupy my mind lol!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Job Prospects Looking Grim

After coming so close twice now to landing a great role, I am back to square one and am back at the first interview stage for two jobs, but one has already said that there has been "alot of response" to one of the job adverts.

Now this has come out in the press and doesn't exactly fill me with confidence... when I left my last company, I was happy as I managed to negotiate a payout and I would have been made redundant anyway had I stayed on... now I am starting to think "mmm... need to find something soon!".

Trust my luck to take a redundancy and have the arse fall out of the market!

Still, it has been good being at home... and I still may ring World Vision to see if they can start sponsoring me and my "unemployed" lifestyle ;-)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Congratulations Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar, perhaps the best batsman I have ever seen and rated by Don Bradman as also the best batsman he has ever seen yesterday became the highest scorer of runs in Test cricket and also is the first player to pass the 12,000 run mark.

Whilst I am a one eyed Australian, I think it is also pertinent to point out that Tendulkar is not only a great batsman and now has the statistics to say that he is the very best ever since Bradman, but he also is an exemplary person and promoter of the game and its values.

He is a great player and a great person and I will long remember the day I spent at the SCG just last summer watching Tendulkar hit a chance less 150 odd and seemed to do it so effortlessly.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rudd's Billions

Well, Kevin Rudd did well to initially state that the Federal Government would underwrite any losses suffered in the event of an Australian bank collapsing as a result of the world's financial crisis. Good point for him, thats what a Government is to do when times of hardship happen.

But I totally disagree with the soon announcement that the Federal Government will give one off payments of $2100 to pensioners, $1000 to babies born after 14 October and lump sum payments (the amount escapes me) for low income earners and an increase from the first home buyers grant to $14,000 (up from the existing $7,000) and an astonishing grant of $21,000 to first home "builders" as long as the house is constructed before 30 June 2009.

This totals a massive $10.4 BILLION dollars in hand outs.

And why? Because the "average" Australian is struggling during the current financial crisis....

What a load of rubbish! The reason why the crisis happened in the first place was that people were living on credit and buying homes on 100%+ mortgages and then defaulting on those mortgages causing a glut of 'bad debt' in the market place. It is because of the chronic ability for people to buy things within their means...

And now Rudd is giving people a lump sum which will primarily be used on luxury items and paying off debt so people can use more credit. In addition, do you not think that every house just went up in value by an additional $7,000 and hence mortgages will be that fractionally more expensive?

Why not simply reduce fuel excise so that the average Australian will save $1000 a year on petrol? The surplus remains, the government takes a cut on their income but Australians will have a bit more disposable income to ensure that the economy remains proportionally prosperous.

Instead, Rudd has blown the surplus - which should be used for capital expenditure on infrastructure - on your average Australian gaining a plasma TV.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Welcome Miss Molly

Well, we have a new addition to the family... Miss Molly the Labradoodle.

Niki has been dropping big hints about a 2nd dog for a while and when we walked past the pet shop last week, her ideal puppy was there in the window.

End result, Miss Molly!

Pictures of Molly and Zoe playing...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Special Comment on Sarah Palin

I havent been too bloggy of late and therefore have not really gotten into the US election campaign and in particular, a complete idiot of a person Sarah Palin who is the Vice Presidential Candidate for the Republicans. This woman would be #2 in the White House should McCain win.

But she makes no off the cuff speeches, she refuses interviews, she says very little in public and when she does she is seen as light weight and focuses on dirty politics.

If you agree with that statement, then you will enjoy this.

* kudos for Glenn for passing this to me.

Update to the Pain in the Arse...

Sore back? Try a slipped disc.


Physio was good... gave me some odd stretches and I have another appointment on Friday and then on Monday...

Hope it gets better soon!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Pain in the Arse

I have been exercising... even bought a home gym. And on top of that I have been doing "kick boxing" for fitness with Step In To Life.

The only problem is last Thursday after the bushwalking, I twinged my siatic nerve doing all this and all weekend I have been hobbling around and swinging from feeling 'just ok' to in complete agony.

Sitting hurts, walking hurts.... woe is me!

This is worse than Man Flu!!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Bushwalking - Gladstone Lookout & Moya Point

Well, with the time on our hands, the kids on holidays and a desire to get out and see the area where we have lived for the past 11 years, we went on another bushwalk.

This time, we travelled up to Leura and using our Blue Mountains Bushwalking Guidebook, we parked at the Fairmont Resort and walked across the 14th tee (literally!) and dived into the bush.

2km later, we're standing on the top of the unfenced Gladstone Lookout and a massive drop below, but what a view!!

Then we pressed on a short distance to the other side of the bluff to Moya Point where we looked back onto Wentworth Falls.

We're going to do the Wentworth Falls walk soon, but its closed for upgrading until late October!

Pictures below!

The girls and I on the edge of Gladstone Lookout...

Me peering over the edge... very scary!

The view from Moya Point back towards Wentworth Falls

The girls having a rest at Moya Point!