Sunday, August 31, 2008

Go The Dragons

Went out to the football last night... BOO YAH! Saints big winners... Parra are gone *gloat*gloat*

Friday, August 29, 2008

Kate at the District Athletics Carnival

Today, I got to see Kate run the 100m at the District Athletics Carnival! She made us all very proud as she came third in her race!

She's in the blue, third runner from the camera...

She made the district last year and came last, this year, she was just pipped into 3rd.

Well done!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Greg Bird

OK, this post won't mean much to foreign readers (and that includes people from Victoria) but there has been an unsavoury incident in which Australian League player Greg Bird 'allegedly' glassed his American girlfriend in the face causing her to have a cut eye and a fractured eye socket.

Then Bird told police it was his flatmate and apparent life long best mate that did the damage and not him... (he's a nice guy huh!)

Now he has appeared before the courts and will be on trial in October after the Grand Final. His Cronulla club has stood him down and I am sure they will sack him if proven guilty.

My point of this post though is that not only because of this incident, Greg Bird would have to be one of the biggest grubs in rugby league... or even in society. He is under investigation for punching a woman in a nightclub in the off season and he also was suspended for 10 weeks in 2006 for kicking a rival player in the head. Not a tap... a full on kick.

Looking at Bird, he was a skinny kid who played in the halves but looking at him now he has bulked up tremendously and alongside his equally grubby team mate Paul Gallen, they have the nickname as "the Bruise Brothers". These two guys have gone from skinny nobodies to big angry men in a very short space of time and I am now questioning as to whether they're on the steroids.

Both have anger management issues, both have been in off and on field incidents that are unsavoury and both have bulked up markedly in the past couple of seasons.

And then it dawns on me that we havent heard a peep from the NRL on drug testing players for steroids for ages... there used to be alot of stories about the drug testers trying to catch drug cheats but that all seems to have stopped hitting the press.

Has the NRL got a steroid problem?

Friday, August 22, 2008

News meanderings...

Haven't blogged about stuff in the media this week... one, I am not at the PC enough to warrant much blogging and two, the news is saturated with Olympics coverage.

However one story big in Sydney (not sure about anywhere else) is the whale (called Colin? WTF?) who is trapped in Pittwater and will be euthenaised (sp?) later today. This baby whale has been abandoned by his pod, is trapped in the Pittwater, is starving and has been attacked by sharks.

I think rather than let nature take its course - by slowly starving or by being eaten by sharks - the vets have made the correct decision to end its suffering. But the outcry has been large, but I just don't get it.

We put down dogs and cats every day for the simple reason we can't find homes for them, but whales are some sort of special case in which people seem to want to do special things. Whales are special animals, sure, but what can we do?

I am happy for people to protest Japanese whaling, but this is not the same... a baby animal is suffering and has no chance for a normal and happy life... best to end it quickly and peacefully.

Sad, but thats life.

Story here

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On The Painting Desk

Well, being off work and with plenty of spare time, I have taken up the paint brush for a new Blood Bowl team... am painting my Khemri team. Essentially, Khemri are an Egyptian themed team with 4 big mummies complemented with some skeletons...

Here is my test subjects... first a Khemri skeleton and then a Mummy.

I like the concept, they look great in person, but magnified under an 8MB camera, you can see every detail and defect - and there are alot!

But these are test paint jobs and I will fix them up some more before going on with the rest of the team (16 figures in all).

Friday, August 15, 2008

End of the week?

Well, I havent posted since Tuesday... I guess its because of the fact that being unemployed means you tend to have all the days blur into one...

The job hunt goes slow... but I need to start doing things outside of job search and one of the crazy things I am doing next week is going to a Kick Boxing exercise class next week... should be entertaining to see me try and kick someone else above their ankle! lol.

I expect my body will hate me after it...

But thats what I need to do and hence I will start getting a bit (read alot!) fitter, one kick at a time!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Holidaying? South Ossettia looks nice...

Channel 9 news is awash with Golden Glory (sounds suss right?) and we're all basking in the glow of the nations obsession with swimming (there are other sports right?) and then we have some ads and then some minor local news with Morris Iemma in the doldrums once again about some failed High Speed Rail Link consortium... poor old Morris can't take a trick. If the project is underfunded by the bidder by $2.5Bn (yes BILLION) you cancel it... but thats a bad thing for Morris isnt it... the poor plebites from Penrith will have to catch trains that take an hour to the city.

Until we invent Public Transport that bends the space / time continuim then we're a bit stuck aren't we... Until Dr Who becomes Minister for Transport, I guess we'll have to make do with people in Penrith taking an hour to get to the city.

Anyways, I digress...

Just before the sport, there was this little story about a place called Ossettia and the southern bit being attacked from the north by Russians.

Apparently that means North Ossettia is Russian? I am only assuming...

And George W Bush supports the American Dream Team AND Georgia... its nice that he is so complimentary to Georgia, but I wonder if he realises that the bit he supports doesn't have Atlanta in it?

So, anyway, some Ossettians were keen to head North but the South wouldnt let them go, and the Georgians (remember, no Olympics have been held in Georgia, except for Atlanta 96) were really keen for them to stay and big bad Vlad Putin told them to piss off and sent in the troops across the border (from Tennessee or North Carolina?).

No wonder George W Bush is confused, I guess he'll have to spank... um... ask the girls in the US Womens Beach Volleyball team what part of Georgia they're from!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Week Of Unemployment

Well things seem to be settling down on the home front which is good... the only exception is that Kate is still coughing and the doctor a) put her on a nebuliser (sp?) 4 times a day and b) told her to stay at home until Thursday! She is OK, just coughing alot... but it is better than what it was last Wednesday.

The other dismal feature though is a lack of employment... After coming close to sliding into a new role pretty seamlessly, my home life blew up and now I am back at square one job wise. I will be making an effort this week to get back into the networking and cold calling as there is Sweet FA being advertised on et al.

So, being unemployed and at home I need to do something motivational... I am looking at the local "Boot Camp" options to get in an early morning work out and start looking after myself. The only provider in the area according to the Intehweb is Fitness First - who have a reputation as money grabbing dollar whores - but friends in the area have done Boot Camp down at Emu Plains on week day mornings with an independent mob. We'll see how it goes. I am keen to join, but worried about carking it!

News wise, not much happening outside the Olympics. Disgusts me that Gold medals seem more important than civilians in Georgia being wiped off the planet, but then again the Olympics only happens every 4 years and wars happen everyday.... mmmm... sad isn't it.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Whoop Whoop

Well, after all the drama's at home, Kate has been home since Wednesday afternoon with a barking cough.

When I say barking, I mean she sounds like a small dog and she is going at it virtually constantly. When taken to the Chemist he freaked out and sent her to the neighbouring GP immediately and when she got there she was taken straight in and the suspected diagnosis was Whooping Cough.

This disease is bad and we were able to get some pathology done just before they closed at 6pm that night and this morning we got the results.

No Whooping Cough, but the GP isnt 100% convinced. He's had her on a Cortizone treatment and has now given her an antibiotic and some medically scripted cough suppressant (which is good because over the counter stuff in my opinion is rubbish).

She's still at home, flitting between the PlayStation, Nintendo and the TV but barking like a dog. Never seen or heard anything quite like it and we'll see how the medicines go over the weekend and the GP wants to see her on Monday again.


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What a load of shit...

Mmmm.... what a shitty story this is...

Martian Poo...

I have searched the various news sites around the place and cannot find a photo of anything yet it reports that there are photos of Martian Poo... can someone check the calendar? It may be April 1st.


Now don't get me wrong... I believe that we are not alone for the simple fact that it is a statistical impossibility. But come on, someone laid a big turd down near the Mars landing craft? Surely an advanced species has plastic bags and pooper scoopers to clean up afterwards!!