Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Holidaying? South Ossettia looks nice...

Channel 9 news is awash with Golden Glory (sounds suss right?) and we're all basking in the glow of the nations obsession with swimming (there are other sports right?) and then we have some ads and then some minor local news with Morris Iemma in the doldrums once again about some failed High Speed Rail Link consortium... poor old Morris can't take a trick. If the project is underfunded by the bidder by $2.5Bn (yes BILLION) you cancel it... but thats a bad thing for Morris isnt it... the poor plebites from Penrith will have to catch trains that take an hour to the city.

Until we invent Public Transport that bends the space / time continuim then we're a bit stuck aren't we... Until Dr Who becomes Minister for Transport, I guess we'll have to make do with people in Penrith taking an hour to get to the city.

Anyways, I digress...

Just before the sport, there was this little story about a place called Ossettia and the southern bit being attacked from the north by Russians.

Apparently that means North Ossettia is Russian? I am only assuming...

And George W Bush supports the American Dream Team AND Georgia... its nice that he is so complimentary to Georgia, but I wonder if he realises that the bit he supports doesn't have Atlanta in it?

So, anyway, some Ossettians were keen to head North but the South wouldnt let them go, and the Georgians (remember, no Olympics have been held in Georgia, except for Atlanta 96) were really keen for them to stay and big bad Vlad Putin told them to piss off and sent in the troops across the border (from Tennessee or North Carolina?).

No wonder George W Bush is confused, I guess he'll have to spank... um... ask the girls in the US Womens Beach Volleyball team what part of Georgia they're from!


Anonymous said...


more pictures of girls in bikinis please :-)


fool said...

I'd never thought I say this about a sexy photo of a woman, but... could we get a little less bush next time?