Saturday, September 29, 2007

London Town

Have landed in London... the flight from Singapore was quite good and I basically got on the plane 11pm Singapore time passed over the big dinner on offer with the exception of the desert and a glass of port and after watching a movie (Blades of Glory - corny, but good) I shut down the TV, put on the Qantas pyjamas and went to sleep...
I didnt sleep "well" but I got about 4hrs straight at one point and spent the next 2hrs trying to get comfy and listening to easy music... in the end I dug out the PSP from my bag and played around on that... then it was breakfast, a brush of the teeth and time to get changed and begin the descent... easy as.
London was drizzling and about 10 degrees when we landed at 4:45am London time... but I have been awake since then, been for a walk around Hyde Park, had a coffee and a French Pastry and am about to catch up with my work colleagues for a morning debrief and another coffee (will need it!) and then its off to the soccer this afternoon to see Chelsea / Fullham.

I will also try to see the NRL Grand Final from here sometime tomorrow morning...
All's good!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Singapore - Hot & Humid

Am in Singapore at the moment... very hot and sticky, but at least everywhere indoors has top notch air conditioning.
The flight was good, uneventful (which you always want) but even though it was Qantas, everything over the PA was repeated in German because the flight was ongoing to Frankfurt.  Everyone in business class, apart from my colleagues and myself, were German so when the stewardess came to us re dinner etc she started prattling in German... until we politely corrected her.
Ich spreche ein bischen Deutsche!
Working today has been delayed a bit (hence my posting now) as something has cropped up for some of the meeting delegates, so I have a spare hour to kill...
Am flying out tonight at around 11pm local time for London... and will have a weekend to explore there including going to Chelsea vs Fullham in the EPL... am looking forward to that very much!

Kate's Dance...

As promised, here is Kate's dance...

She did this all by herself... she choreographed it, wrote all the moves out, practiced and got me to truncate the song to a reasonable length.

Then she had to go out and actually perform it to a school hall full of people...

Alot braver than I would have been at her age - even now at my age.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Variety Night...

Well, I am sitting here waiting for the car to take me to the airport... been a very busy week, and I realise I havent posted in a few days.

Adelaide was a nightmare travel wise... because of the international terminal departure, it was customs, queues etc and then I have car hire issues at Adelaide and then the trip back was long and tiring...

But thats another story...

While I have been busy working, the girls performed at the school's variety night... Kate did a solo dance that she choreographed herself, and Brooke partnered with her friend Madi to do the Purple People Eater dance that they learnt at dance class.

Here is Brooke's video (she's on the right) and I will post Kate's once YouTube uploads / approves it.

Here are a few pics as well :)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Lack of posts?!

Sorry dear readers... been a bit overwhelmed recently...
Had a good weekend though... Niki bought the kids new toy boxes from K-Mart and they were a timber flat-packed thing that I would have presumed would have been an allen key job...
But oh how wrong I was!  They needed screwing together PLUS had to have wooden dowels inserted with glue as well!  Not being the most handy of people, this was not an easy job but after a collective 2hrs I was able to put them together... the screws though were not high quality and I had to resort to hand screwing them in as the drill was simply chewing up the phillips head of the screw no matter how easy I took it....
Then I realised that for Kate's (in my haste) I put the spring under the lid upside down... which mean the lid didnt close properly... d'oh.
Other than that, I played cricket - we have won on first innings already after bowling out Wenty Leagues for 73 and we're 4/122 at stumps.  I will be missing next week due to my trip, but at least we've got the game in the bag anyway!  Yours truly scored 24 in a rusty innings but I did stick around to hit the winning runs before I was run out going for a third run!  Damn fielder threw it straight over the bails from the boundary!!  Oh well...
Kate had a netball picnic / presentation yesterday, so we were out at Glenbrook Park for most of the afternoon before heading back to one of the local school halls for a trophy presentation.  She (along with all the kids) got a nice little trophy, so she was pleased as.
I am off to Adelaide tomorrow... will be back in the office Wednesday, but off to Singapore / London on Thursday.  So much to do, so little time!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Weekend List

'tis Friday and another weekend to look forward to, but I realise that it will be my last weekend before my trip to London...  means I have to get all the things done that need doing....
The ensuite tap needs fixing... said I'd do that for Niki, so that will need doing... the lawn needs mowing, the edges need doing but my whipper-snipper is busted... weeding needs to be done as well.
On top of that, I have cricket on Saturday and we have Kate's netball club's presentation picnic on Sunday afternoon.  I also have to think about packing and luggage and I will now be in London for 2 weekends either side of the week of work, so casual clothes will be required as well.
Need to pull out the passport, buy a new battery for our digital camera, seriously think about getting an iPod for myself (am jealous of Kate!) and remember to pack the charger for the PSP as well!
I am supposed to be going to a Bux Night on Saturday night as well, but I will probably give it a miss... just cant afford to be hungover in a ditch somewhere Sunday morning.
So that's it... in a nutshell I have written down my whole weekend!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kindy Sex Club

This article is disturbing on so many levels...
Where does a kid get the wherewithal to come up with this?  Is he sitting at home watching porn with the old man?  Does his Mum "work from home" with various male clientele?
Obviously charging the kid is not on, but surely something more than "counseling"... where are DOCS in all this?  I'd be raiding that home faster than you can say "future sex offender"!

A comment

I dont know... there is so many things going on at the moment in the world but I just cannot help but feel that our news media is being driven by celebrity antics and sport.  Nobody seems to be commenting on the hardline issues of the world whilst our major news sites ( and seem to be focused on issues involving Brittney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and OJ Simpson or the football.
Can someone direct me to a meatier news website?  Does the ABC have one?  I am really tired of seeing, like from today's news "Drug Tests For Brittney" and the lead story being about the reunion of the Sex Pistols.  Over at, they too are leading with the Brittney Drug Test "SCANDAL" and Russel Crowe taking Poker Machines out of Souths Leagues Club.
Come on people, we're months (weeks) from an election, we have vigorous debates to be had on climate change, water supply, Iraq resolution strategies and the like.  Can we keep the Celebrity Goss to the appropriate section in the back?  If people really want that stuff, surely they can find it with a click through or a bookmark?
But its not only internet news... the 6:30 "Current Affair Shows" (and I use that term loosely) are nothing more than tabloid journalism.  In addition, I was amazed that they were advertising a story on the 6pm news for the next day about food and chemical contamination... it seems as though they're pre-programming the news 24hrs in advance!  What happens if something important happens??
Am I wrong on this?  Am I just becoming an old grump?  Am I missing the international significance of Brittney Spears and her custody issues?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New PSP Game

On the weekend I bought a new game for my PSP - Dungeons & Dragons Tactics.  Basically its the table top game on PSP with automatic random number generators replacing dice.
If you're not a D&D player I would not recommend it, but for D&D enthusiasts I highly recommend it.  It is not a game in the tradition of Baldurs Gate or Neverwinter Nights, but instead is a tactical D&D game replicating miniature table top play and a bit of role playing in between.
Its been great fun this week on the train, check it out at the Atari site here

Monday, September 17, 2007

Marketing Mixed Messages...

OK, am getting a bit tired of carrying the spare tyre around the middle and after losing some 15kg a year ago, it has slowly come back on.  Am determined to do something about it and am trying to work out when and where to do some exercise.
Cricket started on Saturday, but thats hardly athletic when you field at first slip and then bat for just 13 runs...
But one thing I did notice on the weekend is how much food is pushed at you in marketing... having the girls on my own this weekend, I was trying to do the right thing for them when it came to food.  They came to cricket with me on Saturday and whilst I packed some chips and crackers, I also put in fruit juice and mandarins and apples and grapes.
I then took the girls to the movies and we bought a small bag of mixed lollies to eat in the cinema and a bottle of water... we're sitting in the half dark eating the lollies together when an ad comes on that was pretty cutting edge about obesity.  The ad included a quick photo grab of a person being operated on to have their stomach stapled and pictures of really fat kids laying on the lounges.  For a G movie (we were seeing Ratatouille) it was a pretty nasty ad, but I thought it was good to show it.  Every adult and kid during the ad were silent and you could sense the adults ticking over in their minds "why am I at the movies on a beautiful Sunday eating popcorn at 11am".
For a brief moment, the ad seemed to have a sense of purpose, but guess what was next... an ad for McDonalds happy meals with kids smiling and playing with penguins as they scoff burgers, chips and soft drink.  McDonalds were partnering with the kids movie "Surfs Up" and are giving away cute toys with the Happy Meals... suddenly the sullen theatre was loud again as the kids laughed at the penguins and the serious advert prior was quickly forgotten.
Then after the movie, it was lunch and 2hrs after the ad, my Brookie wanted a Happy Meal and a toy "like in the movie".  Never mind the fact it was an ad, it was "in the movie" in her mind and I couldnt persuade her for something else.  Kate did though and had a toasted chicken wrap and a mineral water, but Brooke was determined to have McDonalds...
Afterwards though we went for a walk around and under the Knapsack Bridge to work off the lollies and lunch... (some great shots of the bridge on that linked page).

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cricket 2007/08 - Season Start

Season 2007/08 got away belatedly this weekend after the wash out last week and we had a 32 over a side one day game.... the odd number of overs was due to the fact that there simply isn't enough daylight in September to get any more!

We lost the toss and fielded but were quickly on top as we had Baulkham Hills 2/1 with both openers back in the pavilion (and yes, our new home ground has a pavilion!).  2/1 was quickly 4/20 and we were thinking of an early day!

To their credit though their tail wagged and we finally bowled them all out for 115 in the 32nd over... so we didn't start our innings until the sun was seemingly setting at around 3:45pm....

I opened and felt very rusty... copped a series of blows on the thigh, one of which got through the pads into the back of the knee and I also copped a bouncer that I simply let hit me on the upper arm... a shot was too risky and because I hesitated, no room for ducking!

We got off to a brisk start but my opening partner Dave was out for 14 and then Noyz went for 5 and then I went for 13... 3/40 odd.  Then we were 5/53 after the next two wickets went cheaply again.

A few more wickets fell and we were in deep shit at 7/85 and then our skipper Terry and the young 15 year old kid making his first game of seniors cricket took us to just 5 runs for victory before both of them got out!!  9/111... 5 to win... Simon (who can bat) and Steve (who with all due respect cannot) managed to steer us home with just 2 balls to spare in the near dark!

A good victory with the young kid Dan making 28 and top scoring in a low scoring but tense game...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Here we go, here we go, here we go!

I am off to London at the end of this month via Singapore and I land in London on a Saturday morning local time and have been thinking about what to do over the weekend I was there before my busy work schedule starts on the Monday...

Well one of my external work colleagues has told me that he has managed to secure two tickets to Chelsea vs Fullham at Stamford Bridge on that Saturday afternoon!! Fan-bloody-tastic!! 80,000 sold out seats to see perhaps Englands best club side - what a day that will be!! Can't wait!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Times Up John

The knives are out, the Liberal government has got the death rattles... and it seems that they need the blood "of their admired leader" to make them feel better.

But nothing is going to change the fact that they will be in opposition come Christmas and that they can at best look forward to being in that position for two terms - 6 years. So unless Peter Costello wants to stick around until 2013, he wont be Prime Minister.

So whilst I am so glad that Howard is on the way out, they must realise that by stabbing him in the back and pushing up Costello as a candidate for PM is not going to right the sinking ship. Let Howard face his Alamo and then the Liberals can with some dignity elect amongst themselves an opposition leader.

And they have to admit that it is not just John Howard that the people are fed up with... I would throw in that basket Peter Costello for his smarmy prep-schoolboy attitude to the general populace; Tony Abbott for his "christian values" being imposed on everyone else in this free country - women do have rights to abortion and the morning after pill Tony, if you feel its a sin that's your issue; Alexander Downer for being a patsy and a prat and for taking Australian Foreign Relations to a time back when we still sang God Save The Queen.

Then add in Mark "Who Is That?" Vaile... the Nationals are no longer a force in the Australian political landscape thanks very much Mark and just because the Nationals keep themselves afloat with a farce of a "Coalition" doesnt mean you get automatic entry into the chair of Deputy PM.

I think this picture says it all... Times Up!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Been busy...

Work has been helter skelter... with my boss and I tic-tacking emails last night until 1:30am... he's in Melbourne on an issue that has cropped up and hence little time is available during the day on the normal projects that I am running...
But anyways, so in light of "No Post" I post a link to "40+ Free Windows Apps For You" and for some techo visual stuff, a link to Lifehackers " Desktop Show & Tell"... I'd like to spend some time and get my Desktop sleek like some of these.
So there you go, no meaty post, but a techy link to keep you busy while I am busy...

Monday, September 10, 2007

High School Musical Star Caught In The Nuddy

My girls are huge High School Musical fans... if you're not involved in the lives of Under 16 year olds, you probably don't know what High School Musical is... but suffice to say, it is THE thing for my girls at the moment, so much so that Sept 22 has been written down in our calendar for the girls to watch the sequal on Foxtel.  The girls will have some friends over and they've been excited for weeks.
Which, is as fads go, a pretty good fad as the show is a wholesome Disney movie and is really good for that demographic... so kudos to Disney for making it...
But which leads to the revelations this weekend of the young starlet being caught in a nude photo scandal.  (Link to story)  Most sites no longer have the photograph as the lawyers have been threatening lawsuits and they've all been taken down, but I saw the photo on Saturday morning.  Its a full frontal nude shot of her smiling at the camera... other than her celebrity status, its a bit ho-hum as far as scandals go.  Its not like she's drunk, spread eagled or entertaining anyone in an intimate manner...
But what gets me is that this girl has become news worthy because of it and now my girls' favourite movie(s) have been tarnished and I am sure the kids will talk about it and raise a whole lot of delicate questions / rumours.
Now seriously, why does every starlet get busted in a nude photo scandal?  Lindsay Lohan - ex Disney girl.  Brittney Spears - ex Disney girl.  And even the previous Disney starlet Hillary Duff is getting out and about shedding her pre-teen starlet image with a bit of a sleazy look now...
It seems so sad that the process of making girls famous means that they become caught out in some shocking sex / nudity issue... I don't know what can be done, but it sure does seem strange that nude pics of celebrities become so passe these days... it wont be long before the next girl goes straight from Disney to a porn career it seems...

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Boy, what would we do without the Australians?

US Anti-Bush Blog has a dig at us Aussies....

I would be upset, if it wasn't for the fact that he's spot on!

You're a disgrace Johnny!

done that: Boy, what would we do without the Australians?

Friday, September 07, 2007

Happy APEC Day!

Three Cheers to "The Chaser" crew!!

And just to remind you kids... don't do drugs...

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thumbs Up - Californication...

Have developed a bit of a flu... nothing major, just a sore throat, blocked sinuses and an overwhelming urge to sleep... but other than that I feel fine!!  LOL!
A few things in general though:
Firstly, I watched (on download) the first two episodes of Californication.  The new TV show that has gained so much notoriety.  Yes, it contains the most nudity I have seen on a general TV show, but its no worse than any R rated movie.  But on a plot / acting / directing level, the show is brilliant!  David Duchovny (sp?) is excellent as the lead character and the sex is a part of the show... it really ties the plot together.  However, having said that, I am no longer enthused about TV and its adverts and nonsensical programming.  (Similar views are shared today by Daniel Bowen - creepy).  Now that I have discovered BitTorrent and Podcasting, I cannot stand commercial TV and radio... there are other alternatives!  I got through each episode of Californication in about 36mins each... that is an hour long show in TV land, so you can imagine how many ads are in it!
I highly recommend it and I am going to download the rest of the series rather than waiting for it on TV.
Secondly, the summer starts this weekend for me with the start of the cricket season.  Yes, I am going around again but I am a bit worried about it this weekend... I played a couple of games of Mixed Netball with my old work about 2 months ago and my left knee has gone bung.  Not sure what it is, but walking down stairs is painfull and crouching absolutely kills.  But being a stubborn man with too many things on, I havent gone and seen anyone about it.  I actually had a dream last night of getting late to cricket, forgetting half my gear and then snapping my leg in two going for a quick single when batting... hope thats not a sign!!
And today is the last day of the week due to APEC... hopefully I can spend it at home watching the Christians vs The Lions on tele... sorry, I mean the Feral Protesters vs the Police and their blessed water cannon!  LOL!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Keating Calls Howard Out On Racism...

Like him or not, Paul Keating has hit the nail on the head on the radio this morning when he singled out Howard over racism.  Read about it here.

Train Mess - Should Have Stayed In Bed

Been a while since I commented on the trains... but today I had one of those days...
Firstly I overslept... no biggie, I was in the office until nearly 8pm last night, so I needed the snooze, but then I missed the 7:08am train by a minute... I was in a bit of a slow daze this morning...
Then I walked down to the platform to await the 7:22 Tangara that goes direct to North Sydney only to be told that that train was cancelled due to mechanical failure and the next train wasnt until 7:40am!
The station guy (not Bill though, if you're an avid Lime Kettle reader) suggested to head back up the hill to the shops for a coffee... what a great idea!!
Walked back up the hill, in the spitting rain to the main street of Glenbrook where Cafe Cee had its table and chairs out and menus on the tables complete with salt, pepper and sugar.  Great I thought and headed in.  Unfortunately the idiots there told me they werent open until 8:00am - some 45mins away!  Why would a business with 3 staff on hand, tables set and papers spread on the counter reject a paying customer looking for just a cup of coffee!  Bizarre.  No wonder some businesses struggle.  The motto should be "if there's a customer, then we're open!".
Anyway, bought the paper at the newsagent and headed back down the hill... the 7:40 train arrived and was already packed with aggrieved patrons.  I managed to get a seat... and bumped into local friend Sean on his way to work for a chat (he got off at Blacktown) but it was packed all the way.  And some guy behind me thought it was a good idea to eat some form of spicy curry concoction for breakfast and stink the whole train out.... another of my pet peeves!
At the office, I buy a coffee (finally) and then in the lift realise the damn thing is leaking down my hand/wrist!  Joy!  What a start to the day!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Classic - FatAussie Blog

Surfing the net tonight, I found a new blog called "FatAussie" which has some good posts on it and I highly recommend it...

In particular, this made me laugh harder than anything else in ages!!

Dealing With Girls...

At the moment, seems as though some of the girls at my daughters school have had a sudden influx of Estrogen as there has been a small spate of bitchy behaviour...
Whilst Niki has to deal with our girls being a bit teary and having to mediate (and it turns out the offender has been giving alot of girls a hard time) I have been putting it down to "kids (namely girls) being girls"...  Boys will punch each other, girls will be nasty to each other... its the way of the world it seems.
One comment that got my little Brooke upset was that this girl called her "fat".  Now for those who know Brooke, she is far from fat and despite her Dad being a tad soft round the middle, she and her big sister are fit, athletic kids who dance and do acrobats and run and skip and all the other things that fit active kids do.  She is in fact short for her age but can do cartwheels, splits and the like.  She is a million miles away from being fat.
Then I read this article and it really alarms me.  They're pointing to 11 year olds wanting cosmetic surgery and developing anorexia!  Seriously I am sure that when I was 11, anorexia and weight obsession weren't around in our age group.  Kids were kids.  Sure some were fat and some were skinny, but no one got hung up to the extent of anorexia!
This is an issue that has worried me for a while and I am so happy my girls are healthy and eat well, but the last thing I want is for them to go the other way and develop such an issue.
But surely I can't blame the 8yr old girl at the school who called Brooke fat... she probably only has that notion in her head due to her exposure to either a weight obsessive family member, or the subliminal advertising that promotes stick thin as beautiful.
I cannot fathom this notion that looking like an Auschwitz survivor is beautiful?  In fact I am sure 99% of men would agree.  So if it isnt men pushing Size 6 and less as "the body beautiful" then who is?  Ladies, wake up to yourselves!

USA / Australia Love In... plus some other "asian" types....

Perused the morning news... more chatter about Security and GWB's arrival today.  Yes, he is the President of the United States, but lets not forget there are another dozen or so world leaders here this week.  What is the Chinese Premier / President / Dictator (???) thinking?  Is he ready to talk about environment and import / export treaties?  Given that China is about to overtake the US (if they already havent) as the #1 economy in the world, shouldnt Johnny Howard be talking to him more than the red-neck hack from Texas?
GWB is on the way out and his party probably wont be relected... so why are we fettering him with goodwill and love when really we should relegate him to the back row and be more up front with our Asian neighbours.  Oh thats right, its because they're "yella" and we dont like their slanty eyes!  Oh, I forgot that Johnny is a closet racist and condones One Nation philosophy.
"If they dont look like us, then they're not one of us"
Thank God that the Middle East nations arent part of APEC... imagine the hysteria then!
Oh, and can the owner(s) of the 9 rocket launchers in Sydney please make their way to the nearest police station for questioning.
Thank you.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Great News

One of my old mates from school emailed around this afternoon to say that he is (well his girlfriend is) expecting a baby!

Well done Gools!!

Unfortunately Gools lives in Brisbane, so now I will have a reason to go up there with Niki & the Girls. Watch out mate, there is going to be a trampling herd of people from Sydney coming up now mate!!

Well done!

One question though... did you take off the Captain Chaos mask when the deed was done?

APEC - Is it really all that necessary

APEC has started.... the Great Wall of Sydney is up...  Is it really such a big deal?  What are the world leaders discussing?  Is there an agenda or a statement of what is to be discussed?

All I seem to hear is either a) traffic chaos or b) what will they wear?  Why isnt anyone asking "What the fark are you guys going to resolve??"
Personally, am glad I am now at Nth Sydney!

Fathers Day Wrap

Had a great day yesterday... was able to sleep in until nearly 9am yesterday before Niki and the girls burst in bearing gifts!  The girls had been shopping at the Fathers Day stall at school and I got a coffee cup "Worlds Greatest Dad" full of lollies and a CD case to put my downloaded music in.  Also they had been on a creative spurt and made a whole range of cards and pictures for me... they're the best bit I think, when the girls draw things in their own way from their own perspective.  Which is why one of Brookie's pictures was so funny (and a little worrying).  She drew a TV and the back of the lounge and above the back of the lounge was the back of my head - spiky hair and big ears... very funny, but I am a bit disconcerted that she sees me as a head above a lounge chair!  LOL!
I also got a new soft leather work bag.  One of those soft leather brief case things, but with a shoulder strap.  Very nice indeed and I took it to work today.  It even has extra padding in it for laptops as well.  It will get plenty of use!
Then after the pressies, it was off to the Mountain Blue Cafe where we had a big breakfast.  I had the "Monster Breakfast" (which wasnt the biggest brekkie on the menu despite its name) but it was big enough with fried eggs, a sausage, bacon, baked beans and a hash brown all on thick white toast.  That went well with a big coffee.  mmmm!
By then it was nearly 11am and the girls had to go to a birthday party for one of Brooke's friends so I went home to the house for myself and I lazed the morning away... I did some miniature painting and some web surfing before the Saints game came on Fox at 2pm.  Watched Saints put in another botchy performance to finally end the season at 13th place.  The girls had come home during this and they had to clean up and we went to Mum & Dad's for dinner.
That was fun with Pizza's and wine and we sat around the table with Mum & Dad and my sister, her husband and 1yr old and it was a really good night.  Gave Dad his present (which was a digital photo frame, and he did read yesterdays post) and skimmed thru some of the photos from their world trip last month.
Home at 11pm where we crashed out... the kids are probably really tired today, but they were still asleep when I left this morning...
All in all, an excellent Fathers Day!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fathers Day Weekend...

Made it back from Canberra in one piece... it was kinda cool to drive down to the ACT for the day, driving with the stereo up and just with my own thoughts... I cruised on 120km/h and did the trip in an 2 1/4 hrs...  The weather was great and Lake George was, as it always is for me, a mysterious site.  Spent 2hrs in a meeting and then of course drove back...

But as I sit here tonight, the house is quiet, Niki has just gone to bed exhausted after cooking up a huge Thai meal for her family - all up 17 people - and the girls have promised to a) give me a big sleep in and b) wake me up early to give me presents!  lol.  I think I know which option they will take!

The plan tomorrow is to let me be lazy but we'll head over to Glenbrook for a country breakfast at one of the local cafes and then of all things, Brooke has a classmates birthday party to attend between 11am - 2pm... On a Sunday too, let alone Fathers Day! (sinners!)

Niki will take Kate to the party as well as it's at Wascoe Siding and I will have the house to myself... and my geeky pursuits!  I will try and get my online Blood Bowl league game played and I might undercoat some miniatures as well!!  I also have to keep painting the Orcs I promised my mate Noyz... I will avoid the footy shows though on tele as I am already sick of the Andrew Johns saga... but my quick view on that matter is that whilst it is very sad that anyone uses drugs, the real issue is that such a player could continue playing for so long with a habit.  Why wasnt he busted by the drug testers long ago??  I want the investigation to happen into why the holes in the drug testing net seem huge at the moment and less rhetoric on the poor sob story of Andrew Johns...

Anyways, the day will be very lazy and then its off to Dad's place wish him a Happy Fathers day as well... and I wont say what I got him because he's probably one of the three readers who will read this on a Sunday morning ;-)

Happy Fathers Day Dad!