Monday, September 03, 2007

Fathers Day Wrap

Had a great day yesterday... was able to sleep in until nearly 9am yesterday before Niki and the girls burst in bearing gifts!  The girls had been shopping at the Fathers Day stall at school and I got a coffee cup "Worlds Greatest Dad" full of lollies and a CD case to put my downloaded music in.  Also they had been on a creative spurt and made a whole range of cards and pictures for me... they're the best bit I think, when the girls draw things in their own way from their own perspective.  Which is why one of Brookie's pictures was so funny (and a little worrying).  She drew a TV and the back of the lounge and above the back of the lounge was the back of my head - spiky hair and big ears... very funny, but I am a bit disconcerted that she sees me as a head above a lounge chair!  LOL!
I also got a new soft leather work bag.  One of those soft leather brief case things, but with a shoulder strap.  Very nice indeed and I took it to work today.  It even has extra padding in it for laptops as well.  It will get plenty of use!
Then after the pressies, it was off to the Mountain Blue Cafe where we had a big breakfast.  I had the "Monster Breakfast" (which wasnt the biggest brekkie on the menu despite its name) but it was big enough with fried eggs, a sausage, bacon, baked beans and a hash brown all on thick white toast.  That went well with a big coffee.  mmmm!
By then it was nearly 11am and the girls had to go to a birthday party for one of Brooke's friends so I went home to the house for myself and I lazed the morning away... I did some miniature painting and some web surfing before the Saints game came on Fox at 2pm.  Watched Saints put in another botchy performance to finally end the season at 13th place.  The girls had come home during this and they had to clean up and we went to Mum & Dad's for dinner.
That was fun with Pizza's and wine and we sat around the table with Mum & Dad and my sister, her husband and 1yr old and it was a really good night.  Gave Dad his present (which was a digital photo frame, and he did read yesterdays post) and skimmed thru some of the photos from their world trip last month.
Home at 11pm where we crashed out... the kids are probably really tired today, but they were still asleep when I left this morning...
All in all, an excellent Fathers Day!

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