Friday, September 21, 2007

Weekend List

'tis Friday and another weekend to look forward to, but I realise that it will be my last weekend before my trip to London...  means I have to get all the things done that need doing....
The ensuite tap needs fixing... said I'd do that for Niki, so that will need doing... the lawn needs mowing, the edges need doing but my whipper-snipper is busted... weeding needs to be done as well.
On top of that, I have cricket on Saturday and we have Kate's netball club's presentation picnic on Sunday afternoon.  I also have to think about packing and luggage and I will now be in London for 2 weekends either side of the week of work, so casual clothes will be required as well.
Need to pull out the passport, buy a new battery for our digital camera, seriously think about getting an iPod for myself (am jealous of Kate!) and remember to pack the charger for the PSP as well!
I am supposed to be going to a Bux Night on Saturday night as well, but I will probably give it a miss... just cant afford to be hungover in a ditch somewhere Sunday morning.
So that's it... in a nutshell I have written down my whole weekend!

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SonofSharkboy said...

Enjoy your trip!