Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Train Mess - Should Have Stayed In Bed

Been a while since I commented on the trains... but today I had one of those days...
Firstly I overslept... no biggie, I was in the office until nearly 8pm last night, so I needed the snooze, but then I missed the 7:08am train by a minute... I was in a bit of a slow daze this morning...
Then I walked down to the platform to await the 7:22 Tangara that goes direct to North Sydney only to be told that that train was cancelled due to mechanical failure and the next train wasnt until 7:40am!
The station guy (not Bill though, if you're an avid Lime Kettle reader) suggested to head back up the hill to the shops for a coffee... what a great idea!!
Walked back up the hill, in the spitting rain to the main street of Glenbrook where Cafe Cee had its table and chairs out and menus on the tables complete with salt, pepper and sugar.  Great I thought and headed in.  Unfortunately the idiots there told me they werent open until 8:00am - some 45mins away!  Why would a business with 3 staff on hand, tables set and papers spread on the counter reject a paying customer looking for just a cup of coffee!  Bizarre.  No wonder some businesses struggle.  The motto should be "if there's a customer, then we're open!".
Anyway, bought the paper at the newsagent and headed back down the hill... the 7:40 train arrived and was already packed with aggrieved patrons.  I managed to get a seat... and bumped into local friend Sean on his way to work for a chat (he got off at Blacktown) but it was packed all the way.  And some guy behind me thought it was a good idea to eat some form of spicy curry concoction for breakfast and stink the whole train out.... another of my pet peeves!
At the office, I buy a coffee (finally) and then in the lift realise the damn thing is leaking down my hand/wrist!  Joy!  What a start to the day!!

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Daniel Bowen said...

Spicy curry for breakfast on the train? Sounds like we need to ship Martin Merton up there to you. (Please, take him away.)