Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Times Up John

The knives are out, the Liberal government has got the death rattles... and it seems that they need the blood "of their admired leader" to make them feel better.

But nothing is going to change the fact that they will be in opposition come Christmas and that they can at best look forward to being in that position for two terms - 6 years. So unless Peter Costello wants to stick around until 2013, he wont be Prime Minister.

So whilst I am so glad that Howard is on the way out, they must realise that by stabbing him in the back and pushing up Costello as a candidate for PM is not going to right the sinking ship. Let Howard face his Alamo and then the Liberals can with some dignity elect amongst themselves an opposition leader.

And they have to admit that it is not just John Howard that the people are fed up with... I would throw in that basket Peter Costello for his smarmy prep-schoolboy attitude to the general populace; Tony Abbott for his "christian values" being imposed on everyone else in this free country - women do have rights to abortion and the morning after pill Tony, if you feel its a sin that's your issue; Alexander Downer for being a patsy and a prat and for taking Australian Foreign Relations to a time back when we still sang God Save The Queen.

Then add in Mark "Who Is That?" Vaile... the Nationals are no longer a force in the Australian political landscape thanks very much Mark and just because the Nationals keep themselves afloat with a farce of a "Coalition" doesnt mean you get automatic entry into the chair of Deputy PM.

I think this picture says it all... Times Up!

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