Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Dealing With Girls...

At the moment, seems as though some of the girls at my daughters school have had a sudden influx of Estrogen as there has been a small spate of bitchy behaviour...
Whilst Niki has to deal with our girls being a bit teary and having to mediate (and it turns out the offender has been giving alot of girls a hard time) I have been putting it down to "kids (namely girls) being girls"...  Boys will punch each other, girls will be nasty to each other... its the way of the world it seems.
One comment that got my little Brooke upset was that this girl called her "fat".  Now for those who know Brooke, she is far from fat and despite her Dad being a tad soft round the middle, she and her big sister are fit, athletic kids who dance and do acrobats and run and skip and all the other things that fit active kids do.  She is in fact short for her age but can do cartwheels, splits and the like.  She is a million miles away from being fat.
Then I read this article and it really alarms me.  They're pointing to 11 year olds wanting cosmetic surgery and developing anorexia!  Seriously I am sure that when I was 11, anorexia and weight obsession weren't around in our age group.  Kids were kids.  Sure some were fat and some were skinny, but no one got hung up to the extent of anorexia!
This is an issue that has worried me for a while and I am so happy my girls are healthy and eat well, but the last thing I want is for them to go the other way and develop such an issue.
But surely I can't blame the 8yr old girl at the school who called Brooke fat... she probably only has that notion in her head due to her exposure to either a weight obsessive family member, or the subliminal advertising that promotes stick thin as beautiful.
I cannot fathom this notion that looking like an Auschwitz survivor is beautiful?  In fact I am sure 99% of men would agree.  So if it isnt men pushing Size 6 and less as "the body beautiful" then who is?  Ladies, wake up to yourselves!

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Annachie said...

Strangely it happens both ways.
My soon to be 10 yr old gets told she's fat a lot. Mostly by her size 22 18 yr old sister.
Miss 10 ain't fat. She'll no doubt top 6ft and be a size 10 or smaller.

But 2 years ago when she was doing calistenics, she was told she was too skinny. (Little girl who was wider than she was tall)

Boys is boys, and girls is girls but now they have a wider 'base' to be bitchy with.