Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A comment

I dont know... there is so many things going on at the moment in the world but I just cannot help but feel that our news media is being driven by celebrity antics and sport.  Nobody seems to be commenting on the hardline issues of the world whilst our major news sites ( and seem to be focused on issues involving Brittney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and OJ Simpson or the football.
Can someone direct me to a meatier news website?  Does the ABC have one?  I am really tired of seeing, like from today's news "Drug Tests For Brittney" and the lead story being about the reunion of the Sex Pistols.  Over at, they too are leading with the Brittney Drug Test "SCANDAL" and Russel Crowe taking Poker Machines out of Souths Leagues Club.
Come on people, we're months (weeks) from an election, we have vigorous debates to be had on climate change, water supply, Iraq resolution strategies and the like.  Can we keep the Celebrity Goss to the appropriate section in the back?  If people really want that stuff, surely they can find it with a click through or a bookmark?
But its not only internet news... the 6:30 "Current Affair Shows" (and I use that term loosely) are nothing more than tabloid journalism.  In addition, I was amazed that they were advertising a story on the 6pm news for the next day about food and chemical contamination... it seems as though they're pre-programming the news 24hrs in advance!  What happens if something important happens??
Am I wrong on this?  Am I just becoming an old grump?  Am I missing the international significance of Brittney Spears and her custody issues?


Daniel Bowen said...

Sorry, does anybody really watch ACA or TT expecting to see real news? Have we all forgotten Frontline?

Anyway, the ABC News site probably has a little more meat and a bit less trivia.

Otherwise, why not start at Google News? ... at least that can lead you to a variety of different outlets.

Clay said...

Thanks for the tip Daniel, I signed up to Google News and it is more "meaty" as I described it in my post...

Unfortunately the #2 keyword in Google News at the moment is "Brittney Spears"... sheesh!

Clay said...

Oh and as a post-script... I was banging on about Brittney Spears in the news almost a year ago to the day!

No wonder I am jaded!

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SonofSharkboy said...

I agree on the lack of a good news source. Google is nice enough, but it's more of the shotgun method of finding good news. My wife still glances at SMH. The other one they also put out she is boycotting for different reasons, not the least of which I think they fired her favourite blogger. Let me know if you find anywhere else worth going to for news.

Anonymous said...

I must admit I totally stopped watching news. Its harder to keep track over here in korea, but also got very cynical about it. Most people are happy to watch celeb news 24/7. Their lives are pretty cushy and its just easier to not worry about anything supposedly important.

Also, how do you fight a system which gets itself elected to parlament on the cheapest of tricks, simply because the majority of people dont watch anything decent and journalism ventures pander to the ratings rather than treating the idea of informing the public as a responsibility?

I dont know. It's the system. And unless I can do anything about the news, it seems kinda pointless to futilely track it. Glad you're still optimistic about fighting it Clay. Me personally, I dont think anything will change until hard times come to australia. Its on cruise control at the moment.

Anonymous said...


Yes, you're being an old grump.

The reason we put up stories about Britney and OJ etc is because they RATE.

NO ONE gives a shit about the election as it hasn't been called yet.

NO ONE gives a shit about the economy until pollies start fiddling with tax rates.

NO ONE gives a shit about Iraq: it's a quagmire, and there is NOTHING newsworthy coming out of there.

Uncle Scotty.

Clay said...

Can anyone tell the News Ltd employee who works on maintaining

Anonymous said...

My point has been proven old son ...

What was the highest-rated and most clicked story on, and for today?

Marcia and Jan from The Brady Bunch were real-life lovers!

So there you go.


Uncle Scotty.