Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thumbs Up - Californication...

Have developed a bit of a flu... nothing major, just a sore throat, blocked sinuses and an overwhelming urge to sleep... but other than that I feel fine!!  LOL!
A few things in general though:
Firstly, I watched (on download) the first two episodes of Californication.  The new TV show that has gained so much notoriety.  Yes, it contains the most nudity I have seen on a general TV show, but its no worse than any R rated movie.  But on a plot / acting / directing level, the show is brilliant!  David Duchovny (sp?) is excellent as the lead character and the sex is a part of the show... it really ties the plot together.  However, having said that, I am no longer enthused about TV and its adverts and nonsensical programming.  (Similar views are shared today by Daniel Bowen - creepy).  Now that I have discovered BitTorrent and Podcasting, I cannot stand commercial TV and radio... there are other alternatives!  I got through each episode of Californication in about 36mins each... that is an hour long show in TV land, so you can imagine how many ads are in it!
I highly recommend it and I am going to download the rest of the series rather than waiting for it on TV.
Secondly, the summer starts this weekend for me with the start of the cricket season.  Yes, I am going around again but I am a bit worried about it this weekend... I played a couple of games of Mixed Netball with my old work about 2 months ago and my left knee has gone bung.  Not sure what it is, but walking down stairs is painfull and crouching absolutely kills.  But being a stubborn man with too many things on, I havent gone and seen anyone about it.  I actually had a dream last night of getting late to cricket, forgetting half my gear and then snapping my leg in two going for a quick single when batting... hope thats not a sign!!
And today is the last day of the week due to APEC... hopefully I can spend it at home watching the Christians vs The Lions on tele... sorry, I mean the Feral Protesters vs the Police and their blessed water cannon!  LOL!

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SonofSharkboy said...

Ouch, get that knee looked at! Cassandra is just as bad when it comes to seeing the doctor. She's had an on and off cold for almost a month and is finally going back to the doctor for only the second time since getting it.