Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Week Of Unemployment

Well things seem to be settling down on the home front which is good... the only exception is that Kate is still coughing and the doctor a) put her on a nebuliser (sp?) 4 times a day and b) told her to stay at home until Thursday! She is OK, just coughing alot... but it is better than what it was last Wednesday.

The other dismal feature though is a lack of employment... After coming close to sliding into a new role pretty seamlessly, my home life blew up and now I am back at square one job wise. I will be making an effort this week to get back into the networking and cold calling as there is Sweet FA being advertised on et al.

So, being unemployed and at home I need to do something motivational... I am looking at the local "Boot Camp" options to get in an early morning work out and start looking after myself. The only provider in the area according to the Intehweb is Fitness First - who have a reputation as money grabbing dollar whores - but friends in the area have done Boot Camp down at Emu Plains on week day mornings with an independent mob. We'll see how it goes. I am keen to join, but worried about carking it!

News wise, not much happening outside the Olympics. Disgusts me that Gold medals seem more important than civilians in Georgia being wiped off the planet, but then again the Olympics only happens every 4 years and wars happen everyday.... mmmm... sad isn't it.

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The Dwarven One said...

There was a time when wars actually stopped for the Olympic games, but that was about 2000 years ago.

At least the SBS news actually starts with the Ossetia crisis before moving on to summerise their coverage of the games for the day.