Friday, August 08, 2008

Whoop Whoop

Well, after all the drama's at home, Kate has been home since Wednesday afternoon with a barking cough.

When I say barking, I mean she sounds like a small dog and she is going at it virtually constantly. When taken to the Chemist he freaked out and sent her to the neighbouring GP immediately and when she got there she was taken straight in and the suspected diagnosis was Whooping Cough.

This disease is bad and we were able to get some pathology done just before they closed at 6pm that night and this morning we got the results.

No Whooping Cough, but the GP isnt 100% convinced. He's had her on a Cortizone treatment and has now given her an antibiotic and some medically scripted cough suppressant (which is good because over the counter stuff in my opinion is rubbish).

She's still at home, flitting between the PlayStation, Nintendo and the TV but barking like a dog. Never seen or heard anything quite like it and we'll see how the medicines go over the weekend and the GP wants to see her on Monday again.


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