Friday, August 22, 2008

News meanderings...

Haven't blogged about stuff in the media this week... one, I am not at the PC enough to warrant much blogging and two, the news is saturated with Olympics coverage.

However one story big in Sydney (not sure about anywhere else) is the whale (called Colin? WTF?) who is trapped in Pittwater and will be euthenaised (sp?) later today. This baby whale has been abandoned by his pod, is trapped in the Pittwater, is starving and has been attacked by sharks.

I think rather than let nature take its course - by slowly starving or by being eaten by sharks - the vets have made the correct decision to end its suffering. But the outcry has been large, but I just don't get it.

We put down dogs and cats every day for the simple reason we can't find homes for them, but whales are some sort of special case in which people seem to want to do special things. Whales are special animals, sure, but what can we do?

I am happy for people to protest Japanese whaling, but this is not the same... a baby animal is suffering and has no chance for a normal and happy life... best to end it quickly and peacefully.

Sad, but thats life.

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Whales are people too you know!