Thursday, October 30, 2008

*CENSORED* - Contains traces of rude bits

Thought Australia was a free country?  Think again as the Federal Government plans on censoring Australia's internet.

This would put Australia on a par with countries such as "Axis of Evil" countries Iran and North Korea... countries who we apparently keep trying to plan to liberate for democracy (read, invade for oil).  And when Christian nut jobs like the Family First Party who have big ideas in the Senate get wind of the idea they want to ban all pornography and gambling.  Who the fuck do these people think they are when they can try and subject the Australian populace to their narrow minded views.

But its not just internet censorship.  We seem to be continuously putting our politicians in charge to "keep us from the boogey man" and to do EVERYTHING for us.  If you dont like pornography don't watch it.  If you have kids and worry about online predators, supervise them.  If you don't like issues like Euthanasia, then don't get involved.  If you don't like banal YouTube videos, dont view them.  Its simple, we're adults and we're capable of doing what is right and wrong and for those who do wrong, then there is a judicial system.  Stop trying to tell me what I can and cannot view, read or experience.

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