Sunday, November 02, 2008

Weekend Away

We went away this weekend with friends Julie & Con and Monique & Sean with their collective broods down to a house by the beach in Kiama Downs. The beach I think was Jones Beach and whilst we only had Friday thru to Sunday, it was a very good weekend despite the cold and rainy weather.

The weather though didn't deter the kids, nor did a large Blue Bottle on the beach scare them off from having a great time with the boogie boards.

We also took in the Blowhole, the kids did some fishing and we went through the Minnamurra Rainforest on the way home. Pics below!

See the sky and the dark grey water... that isnt a camera fault, it was VERY cold.

Julie enjoying the beach...

Blue Bottle! A biggie... the head was the size of a half apple.

The rainforest... that tree was massive and I couldn't get it all in shot!

A great pic of Kate & Brooke in the rainforest.

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