Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama Wins!

OK, you don't need me to tell you this... its all over the worlds internet.  I was plugged into a couple of gaming sites today and everyone stopped gaming and was chatting about the result.

Its a good thing and I am really happy that Obama has won, but I do have to question why do I care so much for the American election result?  The short answer is that George Bush has lead us so far down a terrible road that US Foreign Policy has driven the world to the brink of destruction - not the Nuclear version, but a more subtle socio-economic destruction laced with religious fervour - and that has affected everyone.

From Wall St bankers, to unemployed factory employees in Michigan to soldiers on both sides of the conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan through to citizens in North Korea, Iran and then all the way through to me... a mere desk jockey in Sydney Australia - currently unemployed due to a direct result of the credit crunch and my former company having to sell its business (and my job).

We all have a vested interest and I think a large majority in all those places and beyond is silently relieved.

While McCain / Palin talked about security and terrorism and continuing on with the current American policy of no talking and pre-emptive strikes, Obama campaigned on peace, change and the long road ahead to better not just the United States but the world in general.

And the result was a landslide and a clear mandate that change is coming.

Well done America... for once you've put the bigger picture first.


Annachie said...

lol. Obama
The credit crunch came about because of the sub prime home loans, and the way that businesses such as banks had to account real estate assets at cyrrent market prices reguardless of their intent to sel.
The legeslation that made the sub prime loans so easy to get, even impossible to refuse to give, was from the Clinton administration.
So in efect Obama won partly because Dubbyah's running of an economy that Clinto screwed over.
Actualy, annother part of Obama's win was because of Dubbyah and the Iraq thing, but Dubbyah might have had an easier time of it if Clinton had done the job better in the first Iraq war back in the mid 1990's.

A deomcrat won, in part, due to the American public's dislike of a Republican's dealings with the previous Democrat's decisions on key things. Funny as hell.

Clay said...

I can see your point but the reality is is that it has been 8yrs of George W Bush Administration and the fact that he spent trillions on a war that was not needed that HIS FATHER didnt finish (not Bill) was a critical and decisive factor.

I loath politicians blaming predessors and I think you'll find that Bill Clinton is bugger all responsible for todays world crisis.