Friday, June 16, 2006

Sick Kids & Cats

Friday morning! Actually am feeling not too bad this morning and am now sitting ensconced in a heated train carriage after debating whether to drive in this morning or not because I am going out tonight with work. We’re off to a Thai restaurant down at Cockle Bay / Darling Harbour and then onto the Cargo Bar. I didn’t want to drive and then be a teetotaller but I didn’t want to take multiple bags (laptop bag + bag of change of clothes + suit bag) on the train. Well I managed to get all my clothes into a suit bag and decided to take the train – right move.

Plus when you drive, parking is an issue as well and an unwanted expense.

Speaking of driving, saw an interview this morning with a Shell Petroleum executive where he denied that his company has anything to do with petrol prices and that Shell simply pass on the fuel for the retailer – in their case Coles Myer – to set day to day prices. The interview was done at some science awards night and the interviewer obviously got the interview on the pretence that it was about the awards and then asked the guy point blank why prices in States that had the long weekend last weekend went up 10+ cents for 3 days and the state that didn’t (WA) had no price fluctuation. The guy side stepped and back peddled and flick passed the issue back to Coles… “I don’t know anything about petrol prices” he claims. When the interviewer then states that as an executive of Shell he should, he went all defensive and claimed that he wanted to talk about whatever science award function they were at. It was on Sunrise this morning, I am sure they have a video download or something – check it out.

On the home front, Kate was told yesterday by a doctor that she has “Viral Bronchitis” and that basically there is not much to do but ride it out until the temperature in particular goes away. She is very chirpy at the moment and besides the temperature, cough and snuffling like an anteater at a picnic, she is fine. Of course there was no school again today (which brought mild protest) and then of course that means there will be no dancing tonight. This brought the tears and the tantrums and claims she is fine and can go to school, dancing and the friends birthday party tomorrow. Its awful when kids are sick but when they’re sick, but close to being well, its very hard to be the disciplinarian to say “no” to things they like to do. I think Niki will be in for a hard day today.

Also, I think it is getting close for Tonya the 20 year old cat to be put to sleep… its sad, but she has aged incredibly these past couple of weeks – essentially since the cold weather hit hard – and she is starting to limp around the house, is loosing clumps of hair and has a bit of a mange starting… sounds terrible and I think its time to consider the big decision. We have always said as long as she isn’t in pain then she can live out her years naturally but now she wouldn’t be in “pain” per se but would be in “discomfort” with probably no chance of getting better. I think next week some time may time to take her to the Vet.

Anyways, better get to work on the laptop and stop rabbiting on….

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