Tuesday, October 16, 2007

ELECTION: Howards Tax Breaks...

This morning's Telegraph said it all... the clear headline reads:  "HOWARD DROPS $34Bn TAX BOMB".  Initial thought is "wow", but lets read the fine print...
The tax cuts are over a staggering 3 years... 2010/11 is when you'll reap the benefit of Howards legacy... and guess what, it'll be not long before the next election when that comes in... nice play that one, keep the tax breaks coming throughout the next term to give you a platform to buy the election after that.
Then lets read the detail.... for the average worker on $50,000 per annum, this "tax bomb" equates to $33.65 a week.  Seriously.  Is that it?  And you have to wait three years to get it... and in three years time $33 bucks is probably only $25 in todays money due to inflation..
Vote for Howard and we'll give you net $25 a week in three years time...
Hardly the $34Bn TAX BOMB is it?
Also, if you read the front page of todays Telegraph (and I am having trouble finding a jpg of it), the caption under the obligatory photo of a "housewife and kids" is the line:  "But I'd rather see more spent on services like Hospitals".
And that my dear readers is the point.... So many billions in budgetry surplus, the Hospital and Public Education system are in disarray and Howard wants you to re-elect him for a partial term for $25 bucks a week in your pocket.

Australia, we deserve better!


DM said...

Agreed 100%. This is a bribe - nothing more, nothing less. Howard runs the company into the ground screwing tax payers for billions while the services go to shit and at election time he tries to buy back the vote with what he took.

It's cynical and a slap in the face to Australians to think he can get away with it again.

Let's not forget the fact that such a massive baseline boost in general economic terms STILL keeps everyone on equal footing with each other, except now you have upward inflation pressures and rate rises that will follow.

Stick your cash bribe up your arse Howard. 34 Billion bucks is better spent on infrastructure and government services, not for the rich end of town to divvy up the lion's share amongst themselves.

This - if anything - has actually RE-ENFORCED my position to vote against Howard. How can he think so little of his electorate?


Arthur_Vandelay said...

As Michelle Grattan remarked this morning on RN, people aren't as likely to be impressed by tax cuts as you might think, given that tax cuts are really just your money being returned to you.

And they mean nothing if you have a gigantic mortgage or two and interest rates increase.

Arthur_Vandelay said...


Anonymous said...

Too bloody right. At least last time it was a decent bribe!