Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More Crap News

I dont mean I have bad news, I mean that there is more "crap" in the news today...
Why does an Australian Idol evictee story occupy slots 1, 5 & 8 on the most read news articles in today?  Why is it given a lead position on the website?  Why does it attract over 200 comments from people?
People, there is an election going on.  Read about the Health, Education and Foreign Affairs policies about the political parties.  Be informed of the Environment and the Economy.  Make an informed decision to cast your vote on November 24.
By all means enjoy Australian Idol if its your cup of tea, but what these stats tell me is that virtually all traffic coming into is going into hyped up media dribble about a girl who got voted off a popularity contest.
As at 10:56am, here is the Top 10... it makes a damning indictment on the Australian People:
  1. Tarasai burns her last Idol bridge - IDOL rubbish
  2. 'Haunted' swing keeps rocking - this was in the news on Monday yet still occupies #2 position
  3. Hunter takes 'Bigfoot photo' - another drunken Kentucky farmer takes a photo of his mates wife and thinks its Bigfoot
  4. Top 10 mistakes bosses make - A poached story about some pseudo academic report on bad leadership
  5. Now Tarisai lets fly on Natalie - IDOL rubbish #2
  6. Hawkins blows off Gale feud rumours - More excuses to show Jennifer Hawkins in a bikini
  7. JT surly, no word on gay rumours - Justin Timberlake gay?  Who knows, who cares....
  8. Tarisai issues holy warning - IDOL rubbish #3...
  9. Little girl survives plane crash - An actual news story... its human interest, but its actually news... well done.
  10. US hunter takes 'Bigfoot photo' - More Kentucky Farmer, why?

So congratulations Australia... be ashamed, very ashamed.


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