Monday, October 08, 2007

On My Way Home

Well, I am packed and about to check out... spent my last day in London doing some shopping on Oxford and Regent Streets and I also saw a guy get hit by a double decker bus!  The bus wasnt moving quickly, but he got hit hard and ended up laying on the road, but he was conscious...  lots of onlookers, but he seemed that he will be OK... pretty awful though.
Also spent a fair amount of time at Speakers Corner listening to nutters go on about religion and politics... mostly religion.  If you ever want to meet people who are insane, go to Speakers Corner and check it out!
Went through Harrods as well... place is a palace to consumerism!!  So much stuff from Ferrari's to Teddy Bears.  Bought some pressies there as well.
Had lunch at a small pub off Regent St and had the best Fish & Chips ever!  Beer battered Hake, mushy peas and tartare sauce and chips.  A couple of pints of Smiths as well and I watched most of the Fiji - South Africa rugby game.
All in all, a good day, my feet are killing me and I hope I can sleep well on the plane home.  My next post will be from the Southern Hemisphere!

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