Monday, November 12, 2007

Puzzle Girl

My mum & dad gave Brooke a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle for her 6th birthday last March. It was a bit of a daunting task for a little girl, but she had a crack... then put it away.... had another crack and put it away again.

And now, she's doing it.

6 years old, she sits on the table with the pieces spread out around her and she's doing it by herself and I reckon she's not quite halfway through.

She's made that much progress probably over the past week as you can see below, but she really is amazing at it.

I sat down with her last night and was gazing at the mass of pieces with my eyes glazed over... we were working on one corner of the puzzle which was a primarily blue and white section.

I'm looking for the pieces that would go in there and was struggling to find them in the jumble and yet Brooke's not only finding them, she's placing them.

Then amazingly she grabs a greeny-black bit straight off the pile, turns 90 degrees and puts it down in the correct slot! I looked at her and she simply said "that bit goes there."

She's a bit freaky our Brooke... we're calling her Puzzle Girl with the "Freaky Puzzle Eyes"...

I guess we all have our super powers!

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Dan said...

Wow, excellent stuff. I'm an adult (apparently!) and still struggle on jigsaw puzzles. You should get her one of those "impossible" puzzles that is a formless shape of baked beans or something!