Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Short Week - Wet N Wild

One thing I haven't mentioned is that we're off to the Gold Coast this weekend, leaving Thursday night and not back until Monday.  It's my Nan's 80th birthday and the family are trekking up there for a big lunch on the Sunday.
But we've taken the opportunity to pack the kids into a plane, fly up early and head to the Wet'N'Wild theme park on Friday before the extended family arrives later in the day.  The girls are really looking forward to it, as am I and Kate in particular seems to have no fear of the rides from the look of them on the website.
We'll wait until we get there though and she sees how big they are!!
Going on a Friday though during the school term should pretty much mean we will have the park pretty much to ourselves (touch wood) and that will mean less queuing, more action!
Will be posting some pics I am sure!

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