Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Plane Troubles

After having a two day business trip to Melbourne, when it comes to getting home you really do wish to be able to teleport back

Yesterday though I had one of those days”…

  • Booked on the 6pm flight, I miss the check in window by 4 minutes (I had luggage if I didn’t I could have gotten on).
  • Was rebooked into the 6:30pm flight and I go to the gate to wait
  • Boarding time was supposed to be at 6:10pm, but nothing seems to be happening.
  • 6:40pm, I observe all the flight crew walk off the plane not a good sign.
  • 6:45pm announcement that due to mechanical difficulties, the flight is CANCELLED. Please proceed to Gate 21 for re-ticketing I join a stampede from Gate 24 to 21!
  • I am booked into the 8:30pm flight and I head to the Qantas Club lounge lounge is packed and I have to queue to get a bite to eat and a drink!
  • Boarding was supposed to be 8:10pm no word however.
  • 8:30pm, were invited to go to the gate Whilst we were told it was to be Gate 7, it has been moved to Gate 1. Confusion reigns.
  • Get to Gate 1 it is closed. Nobody is boarding.
  • 8:40pm commence boarding, I am actually 3rd person to board and get my seat.
  • At this stage, I have finished the novel I bought on Sunday and now have nothing to read.
  • 9pm, plane backs away from the gate much apologising is taking place over the PA system.
  • 9:15pm we take off.
  • 10:30pm we land seemed to be descending for ages. Flight time was announced to being 53mins but it clearly has taken longer.
  • 10:45pm, after I had a window seat, it takes an age to get off and get to the baggage carousel. No bags
  • 11:00pm My luggage isn’t there and after everyone goes, myself and about 10 other passengers are informed that our luggage is on the flight landing now they split the 6:30 luggage over two flights.
  • 11:30pm I have my luggage I am in a cab at this time of night and the fact he is a speedy driver it only takes 45mins to get home Cab fare $190.
  • 12:30am zzzzzz



Anonymous said...

There's a been a hell of a lot of problems I've heard of or seen with flights about lately. I had a similar thing happen to me on a jaunt to Sydney - ended up getting rerouted to the Gold Coast and a $270 taxi fare back to Ballina.

Anonymous said...

Gods, I hope you had a cabcharge.