Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Quick Line From Melbourne...

Hey, its after midnight and I am back in the hotel in Melbourne...
Niki came down with me on Sunday morning and we had a great day walking around Melbourne, shopping and browsing... it was great to feel like a couple again!
We went to dinner last night at Tutto Bene (sp?) in Southgate and it was a really great meal... had some nice wine and some of the specialty rissotto dishes and all within walking distance of the hotel.
Niki though left this morning and flew home while I have worked today and will do so again tomorrow in our Melbourne offices.  Tonight however I met up with 3 of my blood bowl friends and played two games of BB whilst having a BBQ and some beers at St Kilda.  A much more relaxing evening than having to entertain or be entertained at corporate dinners.
For the record, I drew with Elan 1-1 and smashed GnW 4-0.... :-)
So, checking emails here... off to bed!  What's news?

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