Tuesday, January 29, 2008

CanCon - Custom Pitches

CanCon - Custom Pitches

One of the truly amazing things about playing a game like Blood Bowl is that many players enjoy the modelling and customisation of their teams just as much as the playing of the game itself.  Over the years, two guys in my opinion have stood head and shoulders above the rest.  Two friends, Gavan and Rod who live in Canberra each year build upon their custom boards and this year they dead-heated in the voting for Best Custom Board and I unfortunately had to cast my casting vote which I gave to Gavan.

Both pitches have been converted into mini-stadiums and the detail in the modelling along the sidelines is really impressive.  I gave my casting vote to Gavan because he has used a PSP with a mounted webcam to create a large plasma screen for the crowd!

Check out the pitches here.

Gavan’s Crystal Vision Stadium

Rod’s Orca-Cola Stadium

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