Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

A short note to say Happy New Year to all of you!

I hope your evening last night was fun, enjoyable and safe.

For ourselves we had a great NYE as we spent the afternoon at the Adventure Palace with Tommy and his family and a huge crowd of people.  Many thanks to them for their hospitality as the girls made new friends, had a huge swim in the pool and snacked away to their hearts content whilst Niki and I relaxed and chatted with people.

Then in an amazingly quick drive of less than an hour we travelled from Tommy's at Earlwood to a place called Belimbla Park on the other side of The Oaks and had dinner and took in the fireworks with friends at Dave & Michelle's place.  We went from Earlwood where you can hear the airport to rural / country Belimbla Park very easily and with no hassle whatsoever.  Dave & Michelle's place is on a nice acreage and their neighbour had a horse which the girls loved as well.

Kate stayed up until midnight but the rest of the kids slept in fits and starts on the lounge room floor after the 9pm fireworks and we got home at about 2am after Niki drove me home... hic.

I in turn have woken up today at 12:30 this afternoon... the first time I have slept in for so long since I was probably a 19 year old uni student!


Dan said...

Happy new year mate. Just gotten in from mine and it was a cracker :D

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Clay....I was playing ps2 till 11:00 Mel was on PC then we watched Harry Potter.We are so out there on the edge ;)