Monday, January 14, 2008

The Working Year Commences!

Greetings from the desk of Clay!

I have returned this morning, one week after most other people and have gotten through the first couple of hours with some light catchup of emails / mail, some chats to colleagues about holidays and the cricket (India are being girly idiots is the concensus) and a long chat to my boss about his break (lack of it) and the issues that have continued to bubble along during the holiday period...

So, its almost Coffee Time and I thought I would let you all know that I am back here and ready to tackle the inane issues for the year ahead.

In passing reference, I have been continuing to read the papers during the holidays and would have liked to have commented on the Bhutto Assasination, the Indian Test Cricket shenaningans, the early days of the Rudd Gov't and the ongoing US Presidential Campaign, but really I dont think I should begin by going over old ground.

So I will look forward now and focus on the events in the world coming rather than wasting time going over old ground... besides it has been a slow news month anyways!

Also, this is the 5th year of Lime Kettles and its previous incarnations! How time flies!!

(For the record, my train ride was on time, smooth and uneventful...)

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