Tuesday, February 26, 2008

India - GO HOME

Enough is enough... India are AGAIN threatening to pull out of the tour because of "bullying". I know not all my readers are cricket enthusiasts, but it has gotten to the point where I have to have a rant.

To the BCCI, I say this:

"Stop your whinging, play the game, play it hard, deal with "cultural sensitivities" and stop threatening to take your lollies home every time something happens. Your bowler gave as good as he got, and your wicket keeper cheated. We Australians let the officials deal with that, you don't see us crying about it. Grow Up!"

Post Script: I have volunteered my own cricket team, the Mighty Greystanes B8's to play for Australia against Sri Lanka should Sri Lanka win today. This will mean India will be sent packing! I have sent the ACB an email and I keenly await their answer!

1 comment:

Abishek said...

Do u aussies realize u ll r whinning about the same things that your complaining off! y don t u ll tour pakistan without being such fuss pots. always crying for life. To come to think of it atleast the Indian Cricketers do not give excuses for their loss like your dear ricky ponting.