Thursday, February 28, 2008

Late Night Posting

Sorry, missed my post today... my day was scrambled. Trains ran late, so many work deadlines, including trying to save my own job and then meetings all afternoon.

Had to cab it into the city for a meeting at 3pm... thats cab changeover time and it was bucketing down with rain... not a good afternoon!

Now the kids are in bed, I am waiting for LOST to come onto the tele and I check my comments and realise I hadnt posted anything! d'oh!!

On another front, I have now cracked over 1000 posts on Lime Kettles... freaky when you think of that!


Cathy said...

kids in bed...bliss :)

1000 posts... would love to get that far! congrats!

ozjesting said...

Damn! If I had applied myself I could have over 1,000 comments! ;)

DM said...

3 cheers for sleeping children!!!