Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The News is not good...

Normal transmission I mentioned yesterday, but what is normal?  A read of the papers today and I am pretty much feel a bit down about how much bad news there is around.  None of these things warrant a full review, but lets take a look at some of the “low lights”.


Firstly, a man has been charged in the UK for murder but his defence states that he didn’t murder the lady, but instead simply had sex with her corpse or as she was dying of stab wounds.  He apparently didn’t notice!


Secondly, in Sydney a woman kills her 2 children again via stabbing and then serious injures herself in an apparent suicide attempt.  The father comes home in time to save her, but the poor children are dead.


Then we have the trial starting for former NSW Aboriginal Affairs minister Milton Orkopoulous on 34 child sex and drugs charges.  Remember this is a seemingly educated man who was a Minister in NSW Parliament.


Is it the power of the media and the drive to see the webpages filled with fresh and new content that this stuff gets highlighted?  But perhaps that is not a bad thing as these things are undoubtedly happening and hence it is a mirror of society that historical times didn’t communicate to the people as quickly when the web wasn’t so fluid.  Or is it a bit of both in which the media pump more stories out but the stories are getting more frequent and horrific?




Cathy said...

don't really know the answer but the stories are so sad.

the middle story you mentioned about the mum and her two kids is so sad (not that the other two aren't) but it makes me wonder what dark place she was in to want to end everything including her children's lives...

i still don't think mental illness is taking seriously by society...there's still a stigma attached to it and hence many people don't get the help they need.

DM said...

I think mental illness is an increasing by-product of the state of our nations' health overall. We've undergone something of a social revolution in this country with the increased pressure to acquire wealth to maintain the status quo of generations past, I think that has resulted in a much larger build up of side issues that the populace has to deal with. The more resilient will deal with it and move on, but a growing contingent will also crack under the mounting pressure too.

I agree, mental illness is laughed off by this nation in general, but I expect historians will look back on these times in Australian history and note the dark pattern that lead to these increases as well and sure as hell I reckon it'll be tied to economic patterns which began to dictate living standards.