Friday, February 15, 2008

Serving Two Masters...

Odd feelings at work today… its very busy at work at the moment and but I had an interview yesterday with the company taking over “half” of my company.  It’s a bit hectic, but to paraphrase I am trying to protect my current company’s interests as they’re being taken over partially by a rival company and at the same time being courted by that rival company… all a bit odd and one we’re all going through at the moment.  Depending on what people’s roles are here, you can clearly see yourself being in the taken over bit or the retained bit or somewhere in the middle.  I am in the latter category and will really have to make a choice I at some stage… and that may be coming sooner than expected with the new company saying that they will have a job description and an offer (on equal or better dollars than I am now) sometime next week.  Given its Friday, it feels a bit rushed!


Very odd dynamic at the moment… you feel kind of displaced and yet busy all at the same time.  Probably why this post doesn’t make a lot sense too!

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OldBugman said...

oh a raise for his majesty!

it's all because your black!