Monday, February 11, 2008

Wet Weekend Wrap

Wet Weekends! According to the weather men, we had better get used to them.

Cricket was washed out despite the sunshine peeking out on Saturday afternoon, the ground was awash with water

So instead, we played board games most of the weekend. I had bought Settlers of Catan when I went to Canberra a few weeks ago and I thought it would be good game to play with the girls. If you haven’t played it, it’s a board game in which you collect cards to trade in to build roads and settlements on the island of Catan. First to 10 points wins game play is supposed to be 60mins. But 2 and a half hours later after 3 sittings, Kate eventually won and was very happy. Having said that though, everyone enjoyed it even Niki who tends to shy away from my Tolkien-esque genre of games. So that gets added to theplay when the sky is pissing on us list.

Sunday was Nikis mums 75th birthday and we had nice weather to go to the Norman Lindsay Gallery café for lunch. It was very wet on the ground though so we had to dodge the puddles to get to the restaurant but it was a good lunch with a couple of bottles of wine. It was good for Beryl to be out and about after her layoff recently (for the record, Beryl left our place on Friday after about 2 weeks).

Then it was to be home to watch the cricket, but my mate Tommy rang who had a comedy gig at Springwood for both a lunch and a dinner session and had 3 hours to kill. So he came over and we playedReturn of the Heroes with the girls as well. That too went for about 2 hours but the girls did really well and were very much into it with Kate playing the lady spell slinger and Brookie taking the role of a lady Dwarf (no beard!). Tommy and I did comparatively shit house and the girls managed each to battle through their quests and then take on thebig baddie at the end a Demon. Unfortunately both the girls were killed with Kate going down first and then Brooke but they had good fun. With time running out and with both Tommy and I a million miles away from getting to the bad dude, we called it quits the girls were very happy that they did so well so it was a good fun afternoon of rolling dice.

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