Friday, February 22, 2008

Wollongong - The Hotbed of well... beds!

Wow, who would have thought that the Wollongong area was such a hot bed of scandal! This whole thing about a 32yr old single-mum who was a Town Planner for the Council there having affairs with developers and subsequently approving their development applications has finally reached Premier Morris Iemma's office.

When the wheel starts turning, it certainly gains momentum doesnt it! 32yr old woman probably being taken advantage of by devious developers involved in low grade criminal activity explodes into a connection with a member of the council on sexual harrassment charges who has just landed a plumb job for one of the Premiers cabinet who himself has been known to be subject to sexual harrassment and now the Premier is in the cross hairs.

Who knew that local politics was so seedy! *feigns shock*

Funny how all this stuff comes out with the Government in disarray and waiting for a credible opposition to knock them off... but thats still the issue, the NSW State Liberals are still proverbial limp lettuce at the moment.


OldBugman said...

Unfortunatlythe election is a long way off. We actually get another federal election before we can get rid of morris dilemma.

But after the state voted a vast majority(60%??) for the return of a incompetent labor state government the only thing to add is..
You get the government you deserve.

Cathy said...

lol it's all highly amusing and not surprising to see some old names jump back in to the limelight so to speak...