Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I drove in today as I am playing Blood Bowl in town tonight and thought
it would be easier...

How farking wrong am I... today is the last day I am going to use the M7/M2... technically speaking I can get to my office without a set of traffic lights until I hit Walker St in Nth Sydney. A traffic light free run from the Mountains to Nth Sydney.

Well... it took me 40 mins to get 4kms along the M2 this morning and
after paying $14 in tolls for the privilege, I wont be going that way again. I will go down the M4 and Parramatta Rd and across the Harbour Bridge next time.


PS - you know the traffic is bad when the guy in the ute behind you is reading porn... he deadest had a Hustler or something similar sitting up on his steering wheel while we went along at less than walking pace... lol!


Annachie said...

You should bite the bullet and leave a lot earlier. I used to notice the difference when I was arriving at work in Pitt st at about 06:30! (Of course I was starting at 7 back then. and it was 10 years ago.

I used to be driving down Canteburry(sp?) rd Bankstownish so early there were still hookers out lol.

DM said...

Nah the M2 is a renown parking lot in the mornings and a royal pain in the arse most day.

Sydney traffic is choked to gridlock on most mornings, and I'm sofaking glad that I no longer work in the city centre.