Thursday, March 13, 2008

Up Beat

Up Beat

Am feeling upbeat today don’t know why, but I am.

I was running late again for work well not late, you see the culture here at this company is late start late finish.  I get in at 9:15 and I am by no means last man here but it is a bad habit, so I still consider it late, but I digress.

I had a nice snooze on the train, couldn’t get into my book because I was a bit tired and simply shut my eyes and relaxed.  The train was crowded, but I was comfortable I have coffeed this morning, had a nice muffin for breakfast and am now waiting for my 10am meeting to arrive.  I have a fair bit to say this morning and I feel in control of work despite the state of flux the company is in.

This mood will probably run foul by days end, but at present it’s a blue sky day

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Annachie said...

Last time I snoozed on a train to work I woke up at Central station. On the way out! lol

Strangely there's something I miss about working in the Sydney CBD. Definately diferent from Melbourne any.