Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Cost of Travel

I drove in again to work today and ever since I have moved over to North Sydney for work, I have been taking the M4 / M7 / M2 / Lane Cove Tunnel route which costs around $15 in tolls each way.  For that pleasure, the traffic, particularly on the M2, is horrendous.

Today though I went straight down the M4 paying a comparatively mere $2.20 and into the city and over the Harbour Bridge.  Travel time, albeit in School Holiday mode, was a mere hour and a quarter.  So that’s it for me no more M2.  That route through the north west of Sydney is the most diabolical road system in which 50% of the available blacktop road is dedicated to sparsely used Bus Lanes and bike lanes.  If they made it a 3 lane road instead of 2, it may be better and I could justify it (because going that route, I have no traffic lights between the mountains and North Sydney) but whats the point of having no lights if youre doing 5km/h!

I am rambling, but seriously, I don’t know how people drive to work every day.  I think I may try and catch the train tomorrow because despite my success today, the parking is a killer!

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