Thursday, April 03, 2008

Who cares!

A young girl posts on Facebook, like the gazillion of others, pictures of her and her friends at parties where there was alcohol involved. Lots of silly faces and young people acting foolish. Its a scenario played out in every bar and nightclub in the world every Saturday night and there is no harm done.

Unless of course the girl is an Australian swimmer and the governing body of Swimming in Australia wants them censored (read removed) from this persons personal website and then on top of that, the news report the photos as being "raunchy". Its absolutely ridculous and a complete waste of space.

Come on, please! Can we stop with this constant 'titilation' news making and let people be who they are without trying to lay down the heavy handed "role model" spiel?

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Cathy said...

I totally agree with you! How many people have fun "party" pics on their facebook? It's scary how such pics can suddenly be used to paint a picture that is not necessarily accurate...