Thursday, April 17, 2008

Work Continues to Drudge

Not sure what to blog about today... am having an "unmotivated" day at work today and am continually being pushed along by management here to deliver and work flat out but still there is no certainty of my employment here because of the sale and subsequent restructure.

This delay is being caused by the sale transaction taking longer to complete and the latest is that it will be done in the first week of May.

So in the interim, its work work work from above whilst everyone combats there own uncertainties.

My next door neighbour in the cube farm here resigned on Monday. She is moving to a rival firm in the same line of work and has given 4 weeks.

I am also aware of a couple of others who will be resigning in about a week or so pending final offer documents being received.

For me, I had a positive chat (albeit with no guarentees) with the CEO and I now rate myself a 50-50 shot at getting a seat on the new company. Having said that, I have had one interview for an external job and continue to "keep the ear to the ground".

So, we continue along in limbo... I am off to yet another meeting on the sale / split of the company and do my best to deliver things for my company that would probably see me given a pink slip as a result...


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tc said...

I have been in businesses in this situation before. The arse drops out of everyones motivation. It's bad.

Good luck!