Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Burmese Disaster

Burmese Disaster

Reports are starting to come out of Burma now and the death toll is officially at 22,500 but there are many close to 50,000 missing.  The death toll is expected to top 50,000.

What is funny though is that the press seem to be reporting the political side of this with the ruling military dictatorship stymieing relief efforts and also the national referendum to go towards democracy being put under threat.  George W Bush has requested that the Burmese government referred to as a junta in the press open up its borders to allow the US Military in.

Seems overly complicated doesn’t it?  I don’t recall the US Government doing anything during the Boxing Day Tsunami but now that the victim of this natural disaster is a military dictatorship, the US want to bring in their guns to save people.

Just strikes a chord with me as being a bit subversive.

Lets just hope that the people on the ground are able to get back on their feet and that those who truly wish to help them are able to do so quickly.


Anonymous said...

Just not true Clay. Tons of relief for the Tsunami, not just from the US Government and Military but from private organizations and individuals.

For the government's role, over 25 naval vessels including 100+ helicopters were used to transport relief supplies exceeding 100 million dollars to hard to reach areas.

Also, I've been to Burma, I've got plenty of Burmese friends as well. Those people need intervention, from wherever they can find it - the military Junta (a very accurate term) is running the country and the people into the ground.


Anonymous said...

They were definitely lacking in New Orleans though fool