Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Melbourne For The Day

Small post today, I am in the Qantas Club at Sydney Airport heading to Melbourne for a 2hr meeting... so in short, whilst I wanted to write a long break down of last nights budget announcement, I am a bit strapped for time to do so.
In short however, I think its a good budget.  I am going to lose the Part B of childcare - approx $2K per annum for us - but I am happy to do so on the basis that spending is reduced, what spending is incurred is for public infratstructure and that any government hand outs given out are for the truly needy.  Means testing is the way to go.
I note however that the Libs are claiming credit for the tax cuts... why?  They're the things that got this inflation ball rolling in the first place.
Anyway, happy to take feedback on what everyone else thought, but I thought it was a good prudent start to realigning what a govt should be providing - necessity and not luxuries.

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