Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Recycling Gone Mad!

My company moves out of our office on the long weekend and we're busy packing boxes etc. However this morning, I finished my coffee and toast at my desk and went to put my rubbish (a foam cup, a brown paper bag) into my bin.

Bin is gone. Replaced with a Visy cardboard box for "paper only". OK... where do I put my coffee cup? Asked the admin lady, who points me to the kitchen across the floor. In the kitchen is a red bin (Visy logo on top) that says "Plastic Recycling". I have a brown paper bag and a styrofoam (enviro friendly apparently) cup?

I throw them in the little non-descript bin beside the recycling bin. Turns out the entire company is confined to a 1 foot tall plastic bin for non-recyclable material.

Seems odd... I have always put my paper waste in my shredder box and it gets shredded and recycled... why do I now have a separate box under my desk copying what I did before with a shredder box.

The normal waste bin was already full at 10am this morning.

And then we move out anyways!


Hammer said...

Yep, we have just been through the same thing. No more bins at all under desk for us though! Only 3 bins near the kitchen to be shared by everyone. 1 for metal, 1 for plastic and paper recycling and the other for general waste. We still have the DUS bins all over the place, but now you have to stockpile your rubbish during the day (terrible news if you have a cold!), or make many time wasting trips a day to get rid of your rubbish.

Sure, this'll save the environment!!

Anonymous said...

its so that it is easier to presort for despatch to China where it is sorted and recylced