Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Long Weekend Wasn't So Long

Long Weekend Wasn't So Long

Tuesday morning feels like Monday didn’t feel like I had a long weekend as it went in a blink of an eye!

Saturday was a run around day I bought new clothes at Penrith Plaza in between taking Kate to and from dancing and basically and as I type this I cant recall exactly what I did on Saturday afternoon Saturday night, we had all of Nikis family over for a catch up after the Malaysian trip and we bought a stack of pizzas (which I ordered online for the first time kinda weird experience!) and I went to bed reasonably early that night.

Sunday was Tommys 40th birthday celebrations and that was an all day (and night) gaming marathon at his place 10:30am through to me getting home at 2:15am Sunday.  Yes, Nerd City, but it was a great day.  Games played (from memory):  Fire & Axe, RoboRally, Betrayal in the House on Hill, Last Night on Earth (twice cool Zombie killing game), Micro Mutants, Las Vegas Showdown, Cash & Guns I think that covered it Tommys wife cooked a great meal of lamb shanks and we had a celebratory cake and basically never left the dining table all day.

So yesterday, I slept in until 10ish and we went to Mum & Dads for lunch (more Malaysian tales told) and then to Glenn & Brookes for dinner but we were home at 8ish so that was good being a school night and all.

So my weekend was, drinking coke, rolling dice, driving, drinking more coke, and eating and sleeping at odd times not too unusual when you put it that way!

Oh and happy birthday Queenie hope you got some nice socks or something!

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Virral said...

Yeah this weekend went like a snap :(

Had a great time though, I just want more time off work!