Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Where Are Our Civil Liberties?

Interesting new laws were passed by the NSW State Government in past couple of days... apparently it is now an offence to "annoy a pilgrim" here in Sydney for World Youth Day (week).

Offenders will be charged and financially penalised.

Anyone protesting the Papal visit must have their material "pre-approved" so as not to cause offence. And the distribution of non-christian material, condoms, gay rights or any other material likely to cause "offence or annoyance" can bring charges against the individual.

Can I ask why this was necessary and how is this constitutionally allowable? Are we not a free democratic society and have the right to our views? Why do the fucking happy clapping god botherers (annoyance intended) get to have their sensitivities protected by unconstitutional legislation?

Will enacting these laws cause more protests and have the intentions of the government to keep the World Youth Day events free of protest been well and truly kyboshed? (is that a Jewish phrase? Is that offensive??)

It's about time Governments stop catering to the vocal minority and started realising that 90% of the populace on any given issue just don't care and that as long as there is no violence (and we already have a capable police force to stop that) there is really not any point in trying to dictate the populations thought processes.

People will think what they think and will act on those thoughts as they see fit. As long as they don't hurt anybody else in enacting those acts, then by our societies standards they are entitled to those thoughts / beliefs / actions.

How about Morris Iemma worry about what he was elected for which is ensuring we have a decent health and education system.


Anonymous said...

Horses first.. your next clay!


Annachie said...

Personally, I hope the first people they try to bust with this crap happen to be good catholics :)