Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Over... Does it matter when you're unemployed?

Wow... life seems on cruise mode at the moment...

Today was Monday and I had no Monday-itis!! I tell you what, I am seriously thinking about going to see the World Vision people and asking them to sponsor me rather than some poor unfortunate in Africa. This life of lazy luxury is actually getting appealing!!

But it can't last forever, but I can report that I am now talking to three job prospects, all of which I would take in a flash... so hopefully it won't be long now.

Now, the weekend... (am trying to work out what was different about the weekend in comparison to Friday or today?)

Saturday we did the Dancing / Shopping routine and the sad thing for me is that I have given up playing cricket this summer and I was being given score updates as to how the boys were progressing without me (poorly!) and I ensconsed myself on the lounge on Saturday night to watch the two football finals that were on, including my own team the Dragons who also played poorly to be smashed out of the competition...

Sunday... well we went out for lunch... and I watched more football! It was a bit of a second Fathers Day given Niki and the Girls were so sick the weekend before.

Now today, well that wasn't much different...

Wonder what I will do tomorrow??

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Anonymous said...

Its the greatest life of all!!!

I'll take it any time :)