Thursday, September 25, 2008

Went away for a night...

to Echoes in the Blue Mountains for no reason other than we could!

Great place, amazing views of the mountains and I now have a real desire to do some serious bushwalking.

There was a spot out in the distance in the valley below which fascinated me called the Ruined Castle which apparently you can walk to and the trip is 7 hours. It says "for experienced walkers only" and not for the faint hearted... well, I am going to do some practice walks and take it on down the track.

We walked around Lady Darley's Point, down to the Three Sisters and of course took in the great views from Echo Point which was quite pleasant on a week day afternoon without a huge amount of tourists as there are on weekends.

Anyways, here's some pics:

Niki with the Three Sisters

Me with the "Ruined Castle" behind me on the left. This shot was on our balcony ;)

Me at the bottom of Lady Darley's steps... shear drop behind me.

Us at the base of the VERY steep stairs to the Three Sisters

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fool said...

looking a little pudgy Clay, time to get that cricket bat out... :P

(like I'm one to talk)