Monday, November 24, 2008

I am truly disturbed...

The Redneck American at his ugly worst...

There is a great deal of videos on YouTube that are depicting Barrack Obama as Hitler.

A sample of this is below. It is pure unadulterated Hate Speech and those who believe in this rubbish should take a good hard look at yourselves and check yourself in to your friendly local mental health facility.

In fact I welcome anyone to come on here and try and "justify" this rubbish.


Anonymous said...

I'm speechless!

Annachie said...

"Congress shall make no law respecting ... or abridging the freedom of speech"

Linking Obama's whirlwind popularity to the popularity of Hitler's early fascist government isn't much of a stretch, though unfair due to it's inflamatory nature. But there is no propogation of hate there from what I can see. Not nice, nor unexpected.

You could just as easily accuse Obama of Nazism inflamation with all the posing with his left arm/hand raised, which could actually be illegal in Germany (If he was there)

Clay said...

Annachie, raising your hand is not illegal anywhere.

How can you describe Obama's "whirlwind" popularity as whirlwind when he has been on the path to the White House for 2 or 3 years and was ultimately democratically elected.

Hitler came to power via force initially in Munich and then in Berlin before WWII on the propaganda of anti-semetic hate speech.

If anything, Republicans have campaigned on anti-Islamic hate speech and have caused the western world to equate Muslim to being akin to Terrorism.

Do you believe Kevin Rudd is akin to Hitler then given he rose to power far more quickly than Obama did?

Annachie said...

StGB, section 86a (It's in German)
Punishable by up to 3 years in jail. (Of course that's right arm in the proper Nazi salute, but anything similar could get you into trouble. A German got 5 months for teaching his dog to 'Nazi' salute recently)

6 months ago, maybe 8 now, Hillary was a shoe-in. Obama's popularity really took off in the early part of this year, and steam-rolled verything in it's path.

Hitler was a real popular party leader, who engineered a political emergency (iirc) to assume total power. A thug yes, who manipulated the masses into a cohesive whole by presenting them with a common enemy (Originally the comunists btw)

The war on terror/terrorists and the rich were the two big enemy groups in the last US election, and Shrub was the main proponent of the anti-islamic sentiment not the republicans.

Ruddies popularity rise was different to Obama's since Rudd won a backroom war to win the unloosable election, not win a popularity contest to even get to the election.

and I never said in any way that I agreed btw, just that it's not much of a stretch for those whose inclination is that way already.
I just hate the automatic linking of 'Nazism' to 'This point of view is untenable and undefensible'

Anonymous said...

"Rudd won a backroom war to win the unloosable election"


as i remember it, The Labor party were far from favourites when he got in as Leader.....


Anonymous said...

When every a leader takes over, whether rudd, mugabe, hitler, laviak everyone is happy. As ideally he is representing the majority.

Comparisons of such are simple, especially on a campaign trail or a victory speech, after all who is going to be there? the true supporters.

Don't beat yourself up over nothing clay, wait for the comparisons to hitler if obama starts to bring out protectionism policy.