Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Polticians Are Idiots...

OK, regular readers of this blog know that I was anti-John Howard and that I wanted a change to take place to help us improve our social infrastructure. You know, hospitals, education and a generally more tolerant society to the minorities.

So thats all good, but then Rudd - as I have previously lamented - blew half the surplus on cash handouts.

Now the new NSW Premier has issued a mini-budget in which he has scrapped capital infrastructure in the form of rail and light rail and has instead decided to slug people an extra dollar on the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour Tunnel during peak hour.

So instead of giving people a viable alternative to driving and hence increasing the congestion, he punishes people financially for utilising the ONLY mode of transport available to those who would have benefitted from the new rail / light rail projects.

I don't live in Sydney's North West, and I do have viable rail transport, but this really is a DUMB decision.

This story is best highlighted in this case study from the Herald.

The story on the budget announcement is here; and take note of the fact that the Premier doesnt have a drivers license... do we all remember the last Premier who didnt drive??

For the record and for comparison, my rail ticket is $178 a month.

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