Friday, January 09, 2009

Gaza Strip

Another war in the Gaza Strip... There is fault on both sides and at this point after thousands of years of conflict, its absolutely stupid to try and put "the blame" on one side or the other.

This is why I found Daily Telegraph writer Piers Akerman's article in yesterday's paper so repugnant.

To think that the deaths of Palestinian children is but a mere TV Media stunt is disgusting. Yes, there are terrorists in Palestine, but sending in armed soldiers and tanks is NOT the solution. Children are dying at the hands of the Israeli's and that is a fact that should be pointed out to us in our safe Sydney homes.

It is not a sign that the Palestinians are right and the Israeli's are wrong, its a clear sign that the fighting must stop.

The sooner that Australian media can simply portray the facts and not allow personal views to colour its reporting the better.

Shame Piers Shame!

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